Ruto and UDA always win before they lose everything. That is a bad DNA

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Ruto and his friends have always told Kenyans that they have the numbers in parliament and nothing can go through parliament without their approval. We knew all along that UDA cannot stop anything in parliament but of course, UDA has no clue because they hardly base their actions on any reality. Their world revolves around slogans.

It is Matako juu 24/7. That is a tough world to live in.

In the Political Parties Act, 2021 Ruto and UDA won for weeks in their rallies where William Ruto promised he had 160 M.Ps in his pocket to knock down the amendment.

When the vote came he checked his pocket for the M.Ps and they were gone and they took the money too out of the man’s pocket.

That is how Kenyan M.Ps work. You put them in your pocket where your money is they will leave your pocket and take the money with them. Otherwise, how are they supposed to eat? The CDF money is not enough for them to eat because they have to at least pretend to build some classrooms.

So the M.Ps cannot eat all the CDF money. Maybe 80%-90% they can eat but that elusive 10% has to go somewhere may be to build some 5 miles village road somewhere. It is a very hard life for these biggies so they have to be in some big pockets and there is none bigger than Ruto’s at this time.

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Disturbing video from UDA MPs attacking people who work in parliament after they lost the vote. This could be a worse DNA for UDA.

The big one for Ruto and UDA is that for them Ruto has already won the presidency for 2022 in the last four years. Ruto has been the president in waiting. The Waiter-In-Chief and not the Deputy President which is his job description.

But to UDA Ruto has been the president waiting out the lame-duck guy called Uhuru Kenyatta. I have said many times that in Africa there is no such thing as a lame-duck president even if they have only one day left in office. They are always presidents for life and they pretty much decide who takes over from them unless there is a massive uprising against them.

Kenyans did that in 2002 when they were so sick of Moi that they refused to accommodate his choices for his succession which incidentally was Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

Also in 2002, the combination of Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga looked real and Kenyans were comfortable with that.

So if you are William Ruto you have to overcome two things to win the presidency. First, you have to hope that there will be a mass rebellion against Uhuru Kenyatta. Some noisy Ruto chaps thought that was a given. It is not.

Uhuru Kenyatta is not Moi. Uhuru has not been in power for 24 years. Uhuru has not distinguished himself as a ruthless dictator killing people, detaining others, torturing people, and killing free press.

Instead, it is the other guy, Ruto who helped Moi do all those things and many Kenyans think he wants to get a chance to do the same things. Maybe that is not the case with Ruto but politics is about perception more than anything else.

So far the William Ruto leadership team is turning out to be the most uninspiring ever in our country. They keep demanding Ruto’s presidency as a right they are entitled to. Who gave them that right?

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This is not the magnetic Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki leadership of 2002 where Kenyans saw so much hope and leadership in that team.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi, Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago and UDA patron in Uasin Gishu Joseph Wainaina at the Eldoret Sports Club where the DP's rally will be held.

I was stunned to read an interview William Ruto’s main guy now Dr. David Ndii did with KTN in 2018.

Dr. Ndii said without mincing any words said that corruption was the biggest crime in Kenya and the Jubilee government was deep in corruption. Dr. Ndii said if Kenyans do not deal with corruption there will be no prospects whatsoever for any development in Kenya.

Then the all-time shock from Dr. Ndii he is saying to solve corruption in Kenya and bring development we need to elect William Ruto as our president.

In other words, Kenyans need to elect the most corrupt Kenyan leader who has benefited massively from stealing Kenyan public properties and money in our country since he left college so that we can solve the corruption nightmare in our country.

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I may not be the smartest guy around but Dr. Ndii’s logic evades me.

Unless we can assume that Dr. Ndii is saying that William Ruto has stolen enough money from Kenyans and will not need to steal anymore. Will he return what he has stolen? People like Dr. Ndii are not interested in that.

He is now working for William Ruto and they are all overwhelmed by this Matako juu nonsense and who knows how many wheelbarrows of money Ruto is delivering around. Time will tell.

The other big issue for Ruto is that he has to bring some inspiring leadership and message to his team. He just can’t figure how to do that. It will cost him.

So yes Ruto was already sure of ten years as the president of Kenya. Now even the first five years look very shaky. Same thing. Win and win before the actual race and then go and lose the whole thing.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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