President Uhuru reveals how DP Ruto tricked him, wanted to topple government

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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday hosted a delegation of 3,000 Kikuyu elders at State House where he poured out his heart to explain the genesis of his fall out with William Ruto, and what his plans are for the region once his term elapses in August.

President Uhuru described to the elders how he was tricked into focusing on the government as William Ruto took charge of the ruling party nominations in 2017.

Reports disclose the Head of State pointed out the first attempt by his deputy to clip his wings was the shambolic primaries where his footsoldiers were rigged out and new politicians allied to Ruto elected to office.

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President Uhuru explained his seasoned political allies like William Kabogo (Kiambu), Kembi Gitura (Murang’a), Dennis Waweru (Dagoretti South), Jamleck Kamau (Murang’a) Kabando wa Kabando (Nyeri), Daniel Karaba (Kirinyaga), and Priscila Nyokabi (Nyeri) were rigged out in the primaries.

The president said the numbers DP Ruto had in parliament after successfully having his friends from Mt Kenya elected to parliament made him reach out to Raila Odinga so that they could topple the government.

“The president informed us that Ruto was going behind his back, planning how he could close ranks with Raila to impeach him at an appropriate time,” Mathioya MP Peter Kimari told The Sunday Standard on phone.

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During the protests that followed the contested 2017 elections, President Uhuru said his deputy encouraged him to clamp down hard on the protestors while at the same time going behind his back encouraging Opposition leaders to stay in the streets and keep rioting.

At the meeting, President Uhuru asked the Kikuyu elders to lead their respective local communities and open the eyes of their families to the deception from Deputy President and his UDA allies.

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