Kisumu Governor Prof. Nyong’o Must Reject Demolitions in Kisumu

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The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission ( EACC) has recovered and surrendered to the Kisumu County Government  Sh410 million property built on a grabbed public land.

Kisumu Dunga area where these buildings are is right at the beaches of Lake Victoria and is a very important place for the county government for people’s living and tourism as well as fishing activities in the area.

We can see one of the condemned big buildings not far from the beaches which could accommodate many great apartments for Kisumu’s own affordable housing working through the system to address all the issues like water pipelines below the building and make the apartments available to Kisumu residents at a reasonable rent. That is a thousand times better than having Ruto and his Regional Commissioners come in there and reduce the buildings to rubble which helps nobody.

This will be a real affordable housing plan where Governor Nyong’o does not need Ruto’s illegal Housing Levy money. The houses are already built. The governor can work with residents who need that level of housing and also work with international housing charitable organizations including Kenya based HABITAT and tell them the county has houses already built which they own and they want to refit and build the infrastructure to make them good living places for low income earners and middles class residents of Kisumu.

According to the EACC, the property comprises a prime parcel of land located in the Kisumu Dunga area valued at Sh60 million with a storey building (Sunshine Villas) worth Sh 350 million constructed on it.

This is in line with the commission’s mandate to trace, recover, and return to the public any corruptly acquired assets or unexplained wealth held by either public officials or individuals.

The handover of the recovered property was done on behalf of the Commission on Monday by Western Kenya regional manager Abraham Kemboi.

Kisumu County Government was represented by the Kisumu City manager Abala Wanga. The point here is that the EACC did a very good job and recovered the property and have handed it over to the Kisumu County government. End of story. Now it is up to Kisumu county to decide what to with the buildings. Those who grabbed that land are done with and the county owes them nothing which is a big deal because the illegal builders wanted to be paid Sh. 250 million to give up the land. Now after the EACC ruling they wouldn’t even get a penny. Case closed.

The one big problem Governor Nyong’o is going to face should he decide that the county will take the buildings and turn them into affordable housing for Kisumu residents is that when you look at the area it is for rich people there with beach resorts and houses. The last thing those rich people will want is turning the buildings behind them for homes for not so rich people.

So the rich folks in the area are going to put all their money to pressure the governor to demolish the buildings and remember those rich fellas also have a lot of connections with the Ruto squad. They are going to bring that too in their strategy and go to Regional Commissioner to order the county to demolish the buildings.

Prof. Nyong’o has to overcome all that and take the buildings and do what he and his county government thinks is best for the residents of Kisumu.

The EACC regional boss said that having successfully recovered the land following a protracted court battle, the Commission now heads to court to seek orders to demolish the property.

Here is where the governor has to step in. The EACC recovered the buildings and returned them to Kisumu County government who actually owns the land. That is the end of their work on that property.

If someone steals my cow and the police recover the cow for me, it is not the job of the police to tell me what to do with the cow. They shall have done their job and I would be thankful for that.

He said the water company have laid huge pipes that draw water from the Dunga water intake plant in the lake to the water treatment plant that is adjacent to the Villas.

In April 2018, Sunshine Villas filed a case against the County Government in Kisumu, claiming ownership of suit property Kisumu Municipality Block 13/302.

The plaintiff also sought payment of Sh250 million as damages for the demolition of their building in the year 2018.

In the same year (2018) the Plaintiff applied and obtained a Court Order allowing them to continue with the construction.

EACC then applied to the High Court to be enjoined as an Interested Party to avert the loss of the property.

Governor must make sure that he does not allow what is happening in Mlimani Estate in Kakamega to happen in his county at the Kisumu Dunga beaches.

Here are the houses the Western Regional Commissioner, Irungu Macharia with orders from William Ruto has been doing in Kakamega destroying homes and claiming they want to build affordable housing there.

Speaking when he visited Milimani estate yesterday, Kakamega Governor Mr. Barasa said his administration was not consulted by the national government over the demolitions.

“We are an interested party in this matter because part of this land belongs to the defunct municipality and on that basis, the land is automatically under county government. We are going to be enjoined in a suit against the national government which has acted through the office of Regional Commissioner so that victims can be compensated,” said the governor.

He accused Western Regional Commissioner Irungu Macharia of aiding the demolition on behalf of the national government in contravention of court orders.

“We were not part of the ongoing demolitions and we never authorized it, what is going on is on the mercies of the Regional Commissioner who is acting on behalf of the national government and we will be moving to court against what he has done,” said the county chief.

“We are calling for the dignity of the people of Kakamega, let the government follow the law and obey court orders, someone could be behind this prime land because why is the government targeting Milimani estate in the name of putting up affordable houses while on the other hand, it is demolishing peoples buildings?” she posed.

The most scary thing here is that William Ruto has revived the provincial governments which were buried by the 2010 Constitution and now Ruto’s “Regional Commissioners” are running the counties like in this demolishing property built on County property at midnight without any consultations with the county government. And stupidly enough Ruto is demolishing existing very good houses so that he can build his imaginary affordable housing. How many scams can Ruto be involved in all at the same time?

And they demolish the homes at night like the real thieves they are and leave the entire buildings to looters to take everything they want. That is the Kenya government my friends.

As Ruto government is busy tearing down buildings, elsewhere in the country, Kenyans are drowning and their roads are under the El-Nino water which gives a perfect opportunity for busy body CSs to do good site seeing tours like here in Tana County. And all these is Uhuru Kenyatta’s fault. I have heard a lot of talk about boy child and girl child and that is all good but what do you do with men children (toddlers) like these people in the Ruto government who are just plainly clueless about anything regarding the lives of Kenyans.

In the meantime as Ruto runs from country to country trying to borrow trillions of debt money and trying to sell all viable public assets like KICC the Kenyan public has been stunned to learn that they are losing Sh. 17 billion worth of imports using their money after the Kenya National Trading Corporation (KNTC) with authorization from Ndung’u at the Treasury to import dirty and unusable cooking oil.

KENYA – The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has deemed the government-imported cooking oil, intended to alleviate the cost of living, unfit for human consumption.

The revelation comes as a result of laboratory tests conducted on specific consignments, leaving a cloud of uncertainty surrounding the safety of the nation’s cooking oil supply.

In a letter dated September 5th, addressed to the Managing Director of the Kenya National Trading Corporation (KNTC), KEBS categorically stated that consignments failed to meet the stipulated standards for fortified edible oils and fats.

The primary infractions included non-compliance in Vitamin A levels and insoluble impurities.

The unsettling findings prompt action from KEBS, directing the importer to reship the rejected consignments to the country of origin within 30 days, warning that failure to comply would result in destruction at the importer’s cost.

As the Sh. 17 billion worth of un-edible cooking oil bought by Ruto is now being shipped back and the shipping cost paid by Kenyan tax payers that whole oil scam is now before the Senate Committee to figure out how government money was used on this and so many other issues relating to this criminal venture.

Three months ago after the oil was allegedly brought to Kenya nobody could find the consignment at the port or anywhere else.

Now the government claims they have found the oil consignment and want it sent back. It is very likely that the oil package has already been sold to Kenyans but because the thieves involved want to steal the whole Sh. 17 billion, the best way to do that is to provide a story that the oil is bad and is being shipped back. That gives the thieving importers and their partners at State House a perfect chance to take all the money and even add more claiming that is what they have spent to return the dirty oil. Only in Kenya.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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