Al Shabaab Militants Raid Lamu Village, Be-head Form Three Student, Four Kenyans

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Suspected Al Shabaab militants have beheaded at least five people in Salama and Juhudi villages in Mkunumbi Division, Lamu County during an attack at around 7 pm on Saturday.

According to police, a group of about 30 attackers in military regalia, armed with guns and machetes dragged the victims from their houses and tied their hands and legs with ropes behind their backs before executing them.

Officers said that the victims were all men, including a Form Three Student from Bakania Secondary School who had come home for a half-term break before meeting his death.

Lamu County security teams rushed to the scene moments later but no arrests were made.

County Commissioner, Louis Rono said he was aware of the attack at Salama village but had no further details.

The witnesses said the men descended to their homes and then ordered those present to lie down and not to raise alarm. Women were led to different rooms and later set free.

Police now fear more attacks will happen in the area.

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