Obado: Vote me as president in 2022, don’t associate me with UDA

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Migori Governor Okoth Obado says it is time another politician from the vote-rich Nyanza region ran for the top seat, after years of unsuccessful attempts by ODM leader Raila Odinga. Speaking to Radio Ramogi on Wednesday, Governor Obado also reveals he decided to decamp from the orange party to build his own People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and that people should stop associating him with DP William Ruto and his UDA outfit.

”There is no link between PDP and Ruto’s UDA. In fact, the party was coined recently after we had formed PDP…We have always been isolated in one cocoon and any attempt to break the barrier is met with reprisals. Let them not politicise this issue of PDP, we are not at war with any party, we are only advocating for our agenda,” the Migori county chief said.

Obado, whose murder trial resumes this month denies he is being used by Raila Odinga’s rivals to divide the Luo vote, describing PDP as having a national outlook and will be fielding candidates across the country.

”It is not meant to divide the Luo community as alleged by some people. It is a party with a national outlook and I will be using it to vie for the presidency. Having many parties is not a crime, let us unite and strengthen it. We need to embrace changes as they come. It is absurd that despite Luos fighting for multipartism, some people have bluntly refused to accept democracy to thrive in the same region. If you try to come up with a party, you are called names and even branded as a mole,” he said.

The Migori governor has been at loggerheads with ODM and its leadership for some time and has been criticized for dumping the outfit he currently serves with its ticket as governor.

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