My presidential bid has no reverse gear, Mudavadi

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Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi says he is on the presidential race to the end and is confident of a huge win in 2022 when Kenyans will be voting for the fifth president.

”My presidential bid has no reverse gear. I have experience and the ticket from my party to vie for the presidency. Anything short of that is not within my making. We have supported others in previous elections and time has come for us to captain the ship,” Mudavadi told a local vernacular station on Wednesday.

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The former vice president is adamant he will not back Raila or Ruto, explaining it is time others also supported him for the top seat since he has been supporting their bids in previous elections.

In what seemed to be an attack on Deputy President William Ruto, Mudavadi requested Kenyans to elect leaders of integrity and based on their ideals plus values.

“What is the face behind the name of the leader you want to vote in as your president? Is he angry, a thief or corrupt? If you elect an angry leader, he will be distracted by anger and could hurt citizens. Ruto has been in this government for nine years and took part in formulating policies that have worked against the people. What new thing is he going to do to make the economy work that he has not done? Kenyans don’t need economic models but realistic solutions and answers,” the former VP said.

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Mudavadi also asked the DP to resign from the government if he feels it has failed to deliver on promises he, and President Uhuru Kenyatta made to Kenyans in 2017 instead of fighting it from within.

”Let him resign and then comfortably criticise the presidency but as it is now, he should accept credit where it is due and admit failures of a government where he is a principal. He can’t have his cake and eat it,” he added.

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