Ever Wondered What Your Dreams Are About? Here are the Symbolic Meanings to Various Dreams

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Dreaming, according to experts is an extension of our thoughts and ideas. For instance, the majority of things that an individual dreams about are cumulative ideas he/she had during the day.

While younger, a person tends to have a similar pattern of dreams bearing different meanings. However, as one grows older, the dreams seem to change with a section of adults not dreaming at all.

The dreams we have day in, day out bear certain symbolic meaning that when fully explored, they are very relatable. Thus, it is fundamental to remember what we have dreamt of fr proper interpretation.

Some dreams come true hence what one dreams of could be very important in stopping an impending danger or even push one towards the right channels that would prove fruitful.

For example, dreaming about death should not be taken lightly although it can also be just a normal occurrence. Consequently, dreaming about crossing a certain bridge can birth successes or opportunities in a new chapter that one opens.

Here are some symbolic meanings to dreams.

    Being wealthy is all about having a lot of money, have you at one point thought of having a lot of cash in
    your bank account? Dreaming about wealth basically represents a change in lifestyle from being poor to becoming rich.
    Money dreams often tell about prosperity, and at most time symbolizes the flow of life. Thus, such dreams are an indication that one is in the right path hence should strike to ensure their lives matches the dreams.
    Flying in your dream often expresses what you desire in life, the aspirations, goals and ambitions. Basically, a bird is a free animal thatcan fly to any part of the world. Thus, such a dream symbolizes fredom. It can be financially or any other sector in life that one wishes to proser in. Have you thought of becoming a
    great person in life? What are you doing to become that? Are you working towards achieving your
    goal? If yes then you are on the right track. This dream tends to motivate us and give us new
    hope in our lives as we wake-up every morning to face a new day, there is a feeling of solving all
    challenges we experience.
  3. NAKED
    Nakedness in your dream always symbolizes an exposure of a certain thing, it might be a break through or just an exposure of an illicit affair. When a person dreams about nakedness, it should be an individual responsibility to bring up your mindset together to know what you desire to expose in life. Generally, nakedness in a dream symbolizes shame hence it is a wake up call to do away with the shameful acts in one’s life.
    Dreaming of people in your dream symbolizes a reflection in life. If the dream is about a person and it happens frequently, then there is some type of connection that is trying to link you two. It can be love, affection, friendship or even mentorship. For instance, a dream about a person can show that you look up to them and wish/aspire to be like them in some way. In such cases, the dream is meant to motivate you work toward becoming that person. In the case where the person you dream about is a loser, then you can ignore it because it might
    not be helpful to you.
  5. DEATH
    Although dreaming of death is scary, because death is always seen as something negative, death
    means a dramatic change in life, leaving an old life and welcoming a new life that is full of
    changes, it gives the dreamer the room for something new. Dreams about death do not necessarilly mean physical death. It can be interpreted as a change of tune/life. where one leavs certain habits or lts the bad harbits die to inherit new ones.
  6. SEX
    Dreaming of sex is simply an outlet for sexual expression; it can also symbolize an intimate
    connection with other people and the integration with other people in your daily life. Growing up, dreaming about sexwas an initiation into adulthood especially for the men.

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