Murder or Coincidence: Wycliffe Omwenga Found Dead Barely One Year After Brother’s Death

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Wycliffe Omwenga
Wycliffe Omwenga (Courtesy)

In August last year, Kevin Omwenga was shot dead in his apartment under unclear circumstances by Robert Bodo Ouko, bodyguard to controversial businessman Chris Obure.

At the time of the shooting, Wycliffe Omwenga, Kevin Omwenga’s brother was said to have been in the kitchen cooking. Thus, he was the main witness to the shooting of his brother.

Reports from the DCI revealed that Kevin Omwenga had been shot over a business deal gone wrong as he was supposed to seal a fake gold deal prior to his murder.

Questions lingered regarding Kevin Omwenga’s deaths with speculations pointing at Obure.

Barely one year later, Wycliffe Omwenga has been found dead inside his apartment in his Riruta home in Nairobi. Apparently, at the time that his body was discovered, his door had been locked from inside with no signs of struggle.

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New details have however emerged revealing that Wycliffe lived a distressed life as he had constantly complained that he was being trailed by unknown people.

According to a kin, Ibrahim Onkendi, the deceased had reportedly relocated to Riruta from Kilimani to keep off the people who had been trailing him for months.

Onkendi further revealed that the deceased had recently signed some papers to take over some properties that belonged to his late brother hence might be of interest to the investigations.

“I was with him until Monday then traveled out of the city in the afternoon hours. Afterward, I could not reach him on phone. That day I asked him why he had moved to Riruta and he told me he wanted a quiet place since he was the main witness in our brother’s case. Infact, he recently signed some papers to take over Kevin’s properties,” Onkendi told reporters.

At the time Wycliffe was found, blood was oozing out of his body although there were no visible signs of injuries. Police had earlier reported that a woman had been spotted leaving his house the night before he turned out dead. This has however not been substantiated.

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The family will have to wait longer to know what killed their son as an autopsy conducted today by experts revealed inconclusive results.

According to Government pathologist Charles Muturi, the family will await a toxicology report which will reveal the exact cause of their kin’s death.

With a fake gold scam at the centre of this whole saga, Kenyans are questioning the circumstances under which Wycliffe was found dead. For instance, a section is calling on the relevant authorities to investigate the people who were reported to be trailing him during his final days. Others are claiming that the police are looking quite far yet the answer is way closer than home.

For instance, Chris Obure is not new to scandal and controversy in the country. He has been caught severally on camera assaulting netizens and threatening to take away their lives with nothing being done.

Authorities have remained mum yet Obure has been causing mayhem in different parts of the city.

With his pistol having been used in Kevin Omwenga’s murder and his bodyguard as the main suspect, Wycliffe Omwenga’s death cannot coincidentally be ruled as a murder. There is more than what meets the eye. However, with the tendency of Kenyan authorities to strike deals with murderers, thieves and the corrupt, Wycliffe’s death will just be another in the books.

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