Caroline Kangogo Suicide: There’s More Than Meets The Eye

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Caroline Kangogo
Police Officer Caroline Kangogo accused of killing two men (Image/courtesy)

The story of Corporal Caroline Kangogo is one that has shocked the nation while ideally exposing the rot in our police service.

First, Kangogo made headlines as a rogue cop following the death of Constable John Ogweno. Constable Ogweno was found dead inside his car at the Nakuru Central Police Station with gunshot wounds on the head.

It later emerged that Kangogo was the main suspect having been the last person to be seen with the deceased. Shortly after, it was revealed that Kangogo had yet again shot another man, Peter Ndwiga in Hotel Dedamax that is located within Kimbo market, Kiambu county, and murdered him.

The days that followed were filled with outcry from social media users with relevant authorities pledging to have her arrested. Ideally, the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) intimated that a special team comprising of the military and regular police had been formulated to track down the rogue cop.

Men rallied on social media castigating her which later escalated to a gender war with feminists on the receiving end.

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Earlier in the week, speculations further alluded that Kangogo was being protected by people of higher authorities hence the reason she was in hiding for over one week.

According to local publications, Ms Kangogo was said to be part of a web of rogue officers operating syndicates within the Rift Valley region. The web, it was said, orchestrated illegal businesses and extortion within the region.

Today morning, Kenyans have woken up to the news of Kagongo’s death with authorities alluding that she committed suicide at her parent’s house.

However, there is more than meets the eye in this story. For instance, basic key questions arise that have yet to be answered.

Earlier, there were reports that the home of Kangogo’s parents was heavily guarded with detectives having visited the place and talked to the parents. Thus, how did she manage to pass through and gain access to the bathroom without being spotted only to shoot herself?

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According to LSK President Nelson Havi, Kangogo’s suicide as alleged by the authorities is a cover-up story. This could be one of the many cases we have witnessed in the country where a junior goes down to protect her bosses.

Secondly, there are pictures circulating on social media capturing a lady dressed in the same clothes Kangogo has been found dead in. If the pictures are authentic, then it means she was casually cruising the streets before she made her way into her parents’ home. This should have been captured by the said multi-agency team had they been serious with their job and the said suicide could have been prevented.

Also, the question of how the LSK hired Lawyer Khaminwa to represent Kangogo and called on her to surrender comes into the picture raising more suspicion that she could have been protected by the high and mighty.

Thus, as the body of Kangogo lies in the mortuary and authorities claiming more investigations are being conducted, it is important to note that the hoax suicide of Caroline Kangogo could have been prevented.

This is a country governed by the rule of law and tracing the rogue cop should not have been an issue given the millions of taxpayers’ funds the DCI has used to acquire equipment and boost technology in fighting crime. Phone signals, CCTV footage and inside information should have done the job.

Ultimately, does this render the National Intelligence Service (NIS) useless for failing to trace the rogue cop for over one week only for her to casually walk into her parent’s home and commit suicide? This could be a cover-up. Notably, it involves higher authorities who are protecting their interests hence Kangogo had to go down.

There is more than what meets the eyes, but, anyway, what do you expect from a country that kills ICC witnesses to avoid answering to the cause of justice.

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