Micere Githae Mugo. Great Patriot for her Country Kenya. Live On.

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I will say nothing else except that our country had so much hope and real capacity to get there. Very early in our nationhood. So blessed to have met you, Micere.

Our last discussion was about Mukami when she was being buried. You asked me not to keep silent on Kenyan fighters like Dedan Kimathi are.

I sent her the story and then a few days later Micere responded.

First she apologized for taking two days to respond.

She told me she is in tight health conditions.

It was breathtaking.

I apologized to her too.

She said it is not a problem.

I said let’s go on and she said fine.

Mukami meant so much to her and so is Kenya as her country. That is how we started our conversation when she was in a hospital bed.

Micere specifically asked me for the phone number of the CS for Health in Kenya so she could call them to ask that they take care of Mukami Kimathi. She was really concerned about her. We couldn’t get the phone number for Micere.

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Rhyming along the sound of Orutu

Cascades my ode to Comrade Micere

You have left us, Mwalimu, but your spirit remains

Whilst I do my petitions to our ancient gods

Next to me I see you musing in revolutionary songs

You appear to me in my heavenly trance

Can you hear me Micere, from my earthly stance?

Remember not to forget those Education Theatre One and Two

At the citadel of knowledge and ignorance

Called Nairobi Varsity

Churning out progressives and reactionaries

Some resisting; others serving the Empire

Remember, remember that time in 1991 November

When in Elkistuna Sweden you came for UWAKE parley

With Adhu Awiti and Jembe Mwakalu

Who’ve preceded you to the hereafter

And Gutto and Andanje now down South

And Mwana Mamba among others

And we conspired about Kenya’s liberation

And we talked about imperialism and Africa’s surrender

Shame, shame, we roared to leaders in Africa

Alas! Their eyes and ears are closed to Africa’s plunder

Alas! Our leaders have put the people in a blender.

Darkened are the clouds with Bretton Wood bombs

Bombarding Africa to loot for gold, copper and oils

For the military-industrial-techno-financial chains

 Disembodying Africa, mutilating Africa, for their spoils

Remember the two days

At Methodist Guest House

With Njeri Kabeberi, Odenda and others

Shame, shame, we roared to ruling classes of Kenya’s compradors

Corrupted by money and power are our conquistadors

On the starving, dying bodies of our children and progenitors

Daima Mbele was your Nom de guerre

‘Cause you’d no reverse gear

Remember, Remember, the month of January, 2023

When we gathered at Ukumbi Mdogo

To celebrate you our shujaa

Little did I imagine

That I was speaking at your farewell party

In great physical pain you were

But still radiating the indomitable energy

So revolutionary as usual

You have left us, Dear Micere, but only your body

Your spirit will continue to fuel the African revolutions

Until the Empire succumbs and its spineless toddies  

Will flee to their hidden loots for their final dissolution

So proud am I Dear Comrade

To visit you from my earthly stance.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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