Ruto’s Illegal CAS Appointments Dead in the Water

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Mr. Illegality himself, William Ruto, has been whacked in the head by the Kenyan judiciary when a court ruled today that his appointments of 50 Cabinet Administrative Secretaries (CASs) to non existing offices are illegal.

Ruto can now take his favourite boys and girls he was giving government jobs and pay to go work for him in his Sugoi farm. They will be very happy there and their salary will be the eggs and chicken from the Ruto farm and they can eat all they want. It is going to be a buffet at the Ruto farm and not a buffet on tax payer money as Ruto planned.

“We do not think that it was the intention of the framers of the constitution to have 50 CASs deputising 22 Cabinet Secretaries. Furthermore, public participation on the office of CAS was founded on a complement of 23 CASs,” Justice Kimondo stated.

These appointees to non existent CAS jobs look like they could do marvelously well at the Chicken buffet at Sugoi while sweeping the floors at the Ruto house for the food and dancing for Ruto. Kazi ni Kazi. Ama?

Forget Bottoms Up. This will be Food Down project for Ruto friends. Let’s go. I am coming with my Omena Sandwich, a dish I just developed by frying Omena with tomatoes and chillis. With brown bread it is very good. My son asked me to put a little cheese and fried eggs on it. We are on for the buffet. At Sugoi. Welcome. Bring everything.

On the legal side we saw this headache for Ruto coming right from the word go because it was completely illegal but William Ruto after he wiggled himself through the Supreme Court of Kenya to maintain his fake Chebukati win of the presidency at the Supreme Court thought he owns Chief Justice Martha Koome and the entire Kenyan judiciary.

Ruto doesn’t give a shit about the Kenya laws and the Supreme Court itself and that is why today after the Supreme Court ruled that the CDF as presently constituted is illegal, Ruto ordered the Treasury to release the CDF money and they are using it illegally now and strangely enough nothing has been done to stop that. But with the CAS appointments the wheels have fallen off.

They were sworn in at dawn because Ruto knew he was doing something illegal and was afraid if someone goes to court his entire operation could be stopped. That worked really good, didn’t it?

Kenyans should thank the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and Katiba Institute for taking this matter to court and achieving this victory. Now can the LSK and Katiba Institute please take the CDF issue to court because Ruto is illegally robbing Kenyans of billions of CDF money being illegally dished out against a clear Supreme Court ruling.

Our parliament is dead and comatose and now Kenyans will have to rely on human rights and legal institutions in our country to defend the rule of law under this terrible Ruto regime. There is still life without parliament in Kenya.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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