Liberation comes to Luo Nyanza. The Murderer, The Bean man, and The General are in charge

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I am crying with joy for Luo Nyanza where I was born. We have true giants there ready to uplift the area from poverty and into glory. That can’t go wrong. Can it? We have great heroes now fighting to lift Luo out of poverty.

As a person who actually has investments in my family farm in Bondo, where I have seen my sisters literally do wonders as investors in real estate, restaurants and the food business, clothing and fashion, and many other things, I often laugh when some chaps even from Luo Nyanza who don’t even have a hut in their homes keep lecturing us how we should develop.

Their idea is that Luos are sitting on the shores of Lake Victoria waiting for fish to jump into their mouths. I don’t blame them because they know nothing there at all and now we see them jumping up and down to dance for Ruto.

That is good and I have no problems with these people but I will tell them one thing. Can you folks please try investing your own money in Nyanza? If you go to Bondo my home town, for me it is the most explosive economic investment area I have seen.

I would rather build rental properties there than in Karen in Nairobi. My sister and I just finished a property there and it is very promising. My sister has been investing in real estate in a place called Nyawita in Bondo and it is amazing what she has done there.

She has also included solar electricity in her housing projects and her tenants love it. Miguna Miguna for example could start by investing in Ahero his home town which is just terrible and talk to Ruto to invest in the Nyando plains all the way to Muhoroni. This is a place with so much potential just dead with nothing happening there.

Ahero is the Machakos Nairobi but it has to be developed.

Back to Bondo town, we know it is on and all of us residents there have to invest in the booming construction business there.

Bondo town is on and all of us residents there have to invest in the booming construction business.

That is Bondo Town where everything is on the go.

There is construction everywhere for rental units, high-rise business buildings, groceries stores, schools, and colleges including universities and medical schools. Everything is moving and they have all the big backs like Equity, Cooperative Bank, Post Bank, and others in the town. I go there and I am thinking I need to invest in this place. It has a higher economic investment value than Toronto, Canada where I work now.

And here is Nyawita where my sister tells me how to invest in real estate.

And here is a piece of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University in Bondo Town. It has changed the face of that town in very many ways. So when I am there, I am thinking I could invest in something like learning centers and living places for the students. It is all over the place down there.

So let us look at the new Luo heroes who want to liberate us from poverty by working with Ruto.

If they just said they want a job from Ruto, I wouldn’t waste my time with them. Everybody needs a job. But they are telling us they are our liberators and that is where I come in, and so do many Kenyans in that part of the world, which economically by the way is doing a whole lot better than many Kenyans all over the country. You can ask my sisters about that. They live there and are doing very well.

But the new group of liberators starts with Okoth Obado since he is the senior one to Owalo, the bean distributor, and Miguna Miguna.

This is what we know about our new liberator.

He is a cold-blooded murderer. Obado organized his thugs to go kill Sharon Otieno a young Kenyan student who had a baby due for birth and the baby’s father was governor Okoth Obado. This was a problem for the governor and he sent his thugs to go kill her and they did just that. Not only did they kill Sharon, but they also tore open her stomach after killing her so they could take Obado’s baby and throw it in some garbage.

This cold-blooded murderer is our new hero and saviour as Luos. I am not even throwing up. That would be too generous for him. If I saw that killer, like Miguna did standing next to him, I would kick him right between his legs and smack him in the face. He deserves no less. He is also a grand thief charged with stealing more than Shs. 500 million from the Migori County government.

But President Ruto is on a mission to clean all thieves and murderers as long as they pledge loyalty to him. Ruto got Rigathi Gachagua out and ordered the Kenya government to give him Shs. 200 million. That is done. Ruto ordered the government to withdraw Shs. 2 billion in charges against another friend, Mary Wambui.

That is done. Steal. Steal for me, baby. That is the new William Ruto Motto. Half-Half. Ruto probably wouldn’t have enough space to put the stolen money he has to get by withdrawing charges from mega thieves against the Kenyan people. That is not a problem for people like me.

Moi did the same for 24 years and we finally busted him. Ruto will be busted and thrown into the garbage. I have no doubts about that whatsoever. Have seen it all.

Aisha Jumwa got free with murder and theft. Okoth Obado is next. We are very lucky to have our guy in the thievery and murder dynasty. We are in a family of thugs and killers why should we complain when our own Luo heroes are taking us there bravely? We should clap and cheer for Miguna and Owalo.

As for Owalo the bean man I just laugh at what my sister told me. She said if this kind of person is our future as people of Nyanza we will be eating beans for 40 years.

My sister knows how much I hate beans because they give you that bad fart. So she told me please don’t call Owalo the fart man. I guess he is worse than that. But with the murderer and the General maybe they will actually save Nyanza, but my guess is they have to save themselves first from just being plain idiots for Ruto.

All those three people have done nothing ever for Nyanza. That will not change in the next 40 years and they know it. That is why they want Ruto to give them food now.

Once the Luos are done with these dead cows trying to give Ruto some milk they don’t even have, we are going to move that part of our country to even greater heights of development. A lot of good stuff is happening everywhere and there is a lot of work to be done. It will be done.

There is one thing I would ask Raila as a friend over so many years. I first met Raila at the Kilimani Police Station on August 5th, 1982. It was after the coup attempt and I was arrested because I was the Secretary-General (SG) of the Students Organization of Nairobi University (SONU) at the time. It was really rough in there.

The thing I want to ask Raila is how he ends up with these wacky close operators. Miguna worked very closely with Raila from 2005 onwards to the general elections in 2007. I worked very closely with both of them and it was very good.

Later on, Miguna went to war against Raila which continues to this day. Maybe with no interest at all from Kenyans. Then Raila had Eluid Owalo as his main guy in next elections. Owalo is now giving beans to every Luo as if that is all they need.

The road ahead looks very good without these lunatics of so-called liberators. Let’s keep it that way. We are very fine.

Now I can see what my sister meant about the Bean Man. A mega poster on a dump yard. How grand.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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