Miguna Miguna, Mutahi Ngunyi War A Sad Spectacle to Watch

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President Ruto must wake up to the reality that supporting him and his government has become a big headache even for those who loved his regime when he took office.

Here we have a situation where one of his supporters Mutahi Ngunyi wants the president to become a complete thug and break Kenyan laws for some imaginary development of Kenya.

Ruto’s other supporter from the beginning of his rule, Miguna Miguna who is a lawyer by profession is telling Mr. President never to break any laws of the country.

I think Muguna was absolutely right in his statement regarding the struggles to end one-party dictatorship in Kenya of which he was part. Ngunyi of course is a big mouth guy and that is his only profession.

Also, Ngunyi needs to look big and rich, and with all the money he and Waiguru stole from NYS as Miguna says, he can afford some clothes. The problem for him now is that money can’t buy common sense. You can be loaded in clothes and big chairs and empty in the head. Or you can fill your head with junk and that will make you loaded everywhere.

Now the Miguna Ngunyi battle has taken a new dimension with threats of lawsuits.

Mutahi Ngunyi warns of lawsuit amidst exchange with Miguna

“The war of words between political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi and lawyer Miguna Miguna has taken a new turn, with the former threatening legal action over a perceived derogatory remark.

The situation arose when Miguna, known for his confrontational approach, referred to Ngunyi as a “thief”.

“Miguna. I offered to mentor you. You abused me. If you call me a thief again without evidence, I will sue you in Kenya and Canada. Then I will have your Runda House auctioned. I have the LR number, details and means,” Ngunyi wrote.

In a quick rejoinder, Miguna dared him to proceed and sue him while maintaining his words.

“Try me. Go ahead and sue. I need to clean the High Court of Kenya and Ontario Superior Court of Justice floors. We are ready to recover and restore all the public funds,” his post reads in part.

The two have been engaged in a heated exchange of words on X with the heart of their disagreement being President William Ruto’s recent statement about the state of the judiciary.

Ruto, while attending the funeral of Senator John Methu’s father, indicated that he would defy judgments made by ‘corrupt’ courts.

Miguna appeared to disagree with Ruto.

“We need a strong, independent, competent and ethical judiciary…,” he said.

Ngunyi on his part defended the president.

“As the executive, you must drain this dam. Do it for the people despite the people. One man with God is with the majority,” he wrote.”

Miguna was very happy with the Ruto regime and I have no idea how that is right now but I know one thing about Miguna because we worked together for more than a decade here in Canada for meaningful human rights in Kenya. Miguna says what he feels and that is it.

Now Miguna made his move and I respect that. Where it goes from here is another matter altogether.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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