Kenya Needs a Ceremonial President with an Executive Prime Minister who Forms and Runs the Government

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My suggestion to the BBI Bomas II talk team is to have a post of ceremonial President with an executive Prime Minister who forms and runs government.

The President becomes Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Defense Forces, while the PM becomes Head of Government.

The President leads the country in national celebrations while the PM speaks to parliament on the elucidation of domestic policy.

The national government is reduced to a tier below the state, and just above county governments.

The Prime Minister answers to parliament and to the President. Some mishmash of the Ethiopian system and the Israeli system.

The President must be a man/woman with no ambition, and no need to accumulate.

He/She has to be truly ceremonial, with no opinion on the daily running of government, unless it becomes necessary for the President to give his thoughts – which he must deliver, in writing, only to parliament and to the Prime Minister.

The President should have no deputy, like the Pope.

The Prime Minister should have two deputies, each in charge of top two key ministerial dockets.

In this system, envisaged by myself, the President can’t run government and the Prime Minister can’t run the state.

None checks the other, yet each balances the other.

This is the only system of government that can work in Kenya, until we evolve into a more mature self-governing society.

Take it or leave it.

I Submit.

Dikembe Disembe is a Political Researcher and Writer

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