Yes, Yes, Yes. Cost of Living is on The Agenda For The Country

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Ichung’wah makes U-turn, allowing the cost of living to be discussed

“There are five agenda items we have a brief on,  there are also five agenda items Azimio have brought to the table. It is time to listen to each other,” Kimani Ichung’wah said.

“It is time to listen to our colleagues on the views they have on the cost of living even though we believe it is the duty of the government  of the day to formulate policies that will bring down the cost of living.”

The cost of living was the priority issue of discussion by the Azimio coalition but Kenya Kwanza side opposed the matter before the latest change of stand.

Let the team start with the most practical thing and not beat about the bush.

Stop the 8% increase in VAT which will increase the price of everything for Kenyans.

Start at that basic point and then you can talk about things that make sense to Kenyans.

These talks must be about Kenyans and their cost of living here and now.

Stopping the 8% increase in VAT which affects everything people eat will be a win and win and win for everybody.

It will be a win for William Ruto because he would be seen to be human. It will be a win for Azimio because they will show Kenyans that when they fight for their rights they can achieve great goals for themselves.

But most importantly it would be a great win for the Kenyan people to not pay 10-15% extra on everything they use,

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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