Kalonzo destroying Azimio piece by piece. How long will they tolerate this?

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Kalonzo has done what no politician in Kenya could do. Since joining Azimio Coalition in March, the Wiper leader has been causing chaos and turmoil in the team every single day and is bringing the coalition to its knees as everybody watches in dismay and disbelief.

Can Azimio leaders talk to this man or talk to their supporters who are getting fed up with the endless Kalonzo internal wars in the coalition.

The latest fiasco is the saddest. Kalonzo carries his new little political weapon, Mike Sonko to Mombasa basically to confront the Azimio team in the city by fronting him for governor. Everybody knows that is not Kalonzo’s real mission there. The real agenda was to have massive crowds in Mombasa to force the DP selection panel to pick him because of his support base. That mission failed miserably.

Kalonzo and Sonko ended up addressing a handful of Mombasa residents here and there on their roadside failed rallies. Anybody watching the Mombasa complete mess must tell the DP panel and Raila that if you put Kalonzo as your DP then don’t even waste time running for the presidency.

Kenya is trying to get away from a chaotic government and here we have a new group who are having maximum chaos from one person even before they get elected to the government. How the heck would such a government function. It was a clown show in Mombasa and even Kalonzo knows it. He knows how much he is annoying so many people who want Azimio to be their next government.

Meanwhile, Kalonzo’s colleague in the DP panel Senator Enoch Wambua has issued a public statement threatening to quit the panel because Charity Ngilu has also been shortlisted for the job.

So Azimio doesn’t just have to put up with Kalonzo’s supremacy battles within the coalition but also must assist Kalonzo in his personal supremacy battles in Ukambani. Every other Azimio coalition leader from Ukambani has to be thrown in the garbage to make Kalonzo happy.

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Kenyans are not going to put up with these crazy things being piled into their movement that they want to use to liberate the country from political thieves. And all this madness from one man only. It makes no sense whatsoever. Azimio should fix this or just get out of the way.

Kenyans can wait for 2027 to build a movement to save the country. It can even go to 2032 if these are the only leaders we have in the country today. It took them 24 years to get rid of Moi until the right leadership came up. We are a very patient people but this is getting very serious and we are going to speak loudly about it when forced to. We spoke very loudly against Moi when everybody told us to shut up and take Moi’s rule quietly.

We all know that Azimio Coalition leaders are avoiding dealing with the matter because that could make Kalonzo go even crazier and will bring in issues of national unity in the coalition. But someone walks into your house and poos next to your dining table and you see him climbing the table to continue doing that, do you just sit back and say oh no, we don’t want to get him mad.

Kalonzo Musyoka did not create Azimio. He joined the coalition when it was already in full operation and doing very well. The question now is what did Kalonzo join Azimio to achieve. If his mission was to try and destroy the coalition from within he is doing a wonderful job and should be very proud of himself.

The issue Kenyans have every right to raise now is what are the founders of Azimio Coalition going to do as Kalonzo tries to dismantle what they have been building very successfully.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga are the two key founders of Azimio. Are they too scared to talk to Kalonzo or at least talk to Kenyans and tell us where the coalition is headed amid all these chaos. Kenyans deserve no less. Fake unity for unity’s sake never works and in fact is a breeding ground for serious problems.

Here is the solution. If Kalonzo wants a show of force with coalition partners let him have that show of force. If he wants to work with the team to achieve a new government that will build a peaceful, united, and prosperous country let him show that to the voters.

Azimio team has been in Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Nakuru and other places lately. Let the whole team take their campaign to Ukambani and invite Kalonzo to be part of the team in that campaign. Azimio has been there before and did very well. If they go back now it is not a problem.

If everything works smoothly and Kalonzo is part of the team they can even all go to Mombasa and hold rallies as a team.

Forget the DP pick for now and rebuild your coalition back to where it was before these unnecessary problems were allowed to cripple the movement. Then everything is fine and everybody moves and let the DP panel do their job without so much external headaches.

Mr. Musyoka also has to ask himself why he is working so hard to destroy a coalition in which he wants to be a DP candidate and which he joined on his own free will. That is a question many Kenyans are seeking to get some answers to and the sooner the better.

Kalonzo’s message to the Azimio Coalition seems to be that I will destroy you first and if that makes you choose me as the DP I will build you back to win the August 9, 2022 elections. What a wonderful winning strategy. Where else has that kind of plan worked? Anybody knows?

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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