“It won’t happen,”Ruto to Raila on the planned Three-day Protests

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President William Ruto has vowed to stop Raila Odinga from using Kenyan blood to advance his political ambitions.

Speaking on Friday in Naivasha, Ruto swore to stop the opposition leader by whatever means necessary.

“Raila Odinga, I won’t allow you to seek power on the back of the blood of Kenyans. I will stop you,” he said.

Ruto also called out Raila for employing unconstitutional means to get into the government, insisting that it will not happen.

Ruto has previously reiterated his stand that there will never be a handshake with Raila.

You can’t use extra-constitutional means to get power. You want to use violence to get into government; it won’t happen,” he added.

“No demonstration is going to take place on Wednesday. It is not possible, this man (Raila Odinga)has brought chaos to this country which has led to many deaths. He kept on interfering with Mwai Kibaki’s administration, Uhuru Kenyatta’s and now the other day he led protests and properties were destroyed,” Ruto said.

“That path that you are taking, I want to assure you that I am going to take you on and I will not allow it to happen.” 

Ruto statement comes after an announcement by Azimio that their protests will now happen for three days non-stop, beginning next week.

The coalition claimed that they have received “overwhelming requests from all sectors of the Kenyan Public for the need to intensify these demonstrations”. 

“The Coalition hereby wishes to announce a revision of the calendar. Going forward, the peaceful protests will now be held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next week, in line with requests from the public to include three days of activity,” read part of the statement.

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