Mr. Ruto The Rallies Next Week Will Happen Whether You Like It Or Not

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Not On My Watch!’ President Ruto Vows Next Week’s Three-Day Anti-Govt Demos Will Not Happen

In Nakuru an ominous looking William Ruto issued a huge threat that he will not allow Azimio rallies against his government to take place next week. Ruto should speak to his DP Rigathi Gachagua who has been issuing same types of threats before every rally and their government sending police to kill Kenyans in those demos.

It has not stopped anything and in fact the threats seem to provide big motivation to Kenyans to come to the rallies and take on Ruto and his government. Kenyans are not scared of Ruto and his regime.

According to William Ruto, Raila Odinga and Azimio leaders and members will only hold the rallies in their houses. Halloo, Kenya is the house of every citizen in the republic and that is exactly where they will hold their rallies and there is nothing William Ruto can do to stop that.

As a matter of fact the proposed three day rallies next week from Wednesday July 19 2023 to Friday July 21, 2023 could be a huge turning point for the mass actions against the Ruto regime in terms of dealing with real issues on the table namely cost of living and advancing the democratic process in the country. Those rallies could very well be the waterloo of the battles and war against the Ruto regime by Kenyans. Those three days of action could be a game changer in Kenyan politics in a big way.

There are many Kenyans who were calling for bipartisan talks between the Ruto regime and the Azimio opposition movement but things have now gone way beyond that. Yes Azimio and Ruto team can engage in talks to avert violence and chaos but now that process must include the civil society in Kenya as well as international institutions to bring peace to the country.

Today the United Nations very directly called for dialogue and peace in the country as well as the protection of the rights of Kenyans to participate in demonstrations. Ruto is turning Kenya into the next Sudan right before our very eyes. That has to be stopped.

UN Asks Police to Protect Azimio Protestors Next Week

The United Stations (UN) on Friday, July 14, faulted the National Police Service (NPS) for heavy-handedness against anti-government protesters who were demonstrating against the high cost of living and requested the police to protect the demonstrators next week. 

While calling on the anti-riot police officers to apply the Law equally and provide protection to demonstrators, the UN Human Rights Office Spokesperson Jeremy Laurence noted that at least 23 people were killed by the police.

The number of deaths provided by the UN agency is higher than those cited by the Kenyan government.  

UN has also underscored that Kenyans have a right to protest, and it is the responsibility of the National Police Service to protect the demonstrators and their property. 

“In light of calls for further protests next week, we call on the authorities to ensure the right to peaceful assembly as guaranteed by the Kenyan Constitution and international human rights law,” UN stated.

“The policing of protests must seek to facilitate peaceful assemblies, and any use of force must be guided by the principles of legality, necessity, proportionality and non-discrimination. Firearms should never be used to disperse protests.”

The UN body remarked that there have been reports that the police disproportionately used force against unarmed protesters across the country, including Nairobi where at least 6 people were killed.  

“We call for prompt, thorough, independent and transparent investigations into the deaths and injuries. Those responsible must be held to account. Effective measures to prevent further deaths and injuries must be adopted,” the United Nations stated.

UN Human Rights Office Spokesperson Jeremy Laurence observed that the country was facing uncertain times after Azimio la Umoja Leader Raila Odinga called for more protests in the coming days.

He called on the government to address the issues raised, and established mechanisms that would guarantee the peace and security of everyone, including those exercising their constitutionally provided rights to protest, demonstrate and picket.

He echoed the demands of religious leaders as well as the National Cohesion and Integration Commission, which called on President William Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to reach resolutions over contentious issues such as the Finance Act 2023, high cost of living and the re-constitution of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

“We appeal for calm and encourage open dialogue to address social, economic and political grievances, with the aim of identifying lasting solutions in the interests of all Kenyans,” the UN requested in a statement.

Minutes after the UN released the statement, Azimio la Umoja leader and former Governor of Murang’a Mwangi wa Iria noted that the protests will continue unabated until when the Kenya Kwanza administration shall listen and address the concerns of the people.

The UN’s statement comes against the backdrop of a call for more protests that will begin on Wednesday, July 19 all through to Friday, July 21, in an attempt to compel President Ruto to change his mind over the Finance Act 2023 among other issues.

“The Coalition hereby wishes to announce a revision of the calendar. Going forward, the peaceful protests will now be held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next week, in line with requests from the public to include three days of activity,” Azimio la Umoja statement read in parts.

Ruto needs to sit down and ask himself one question. How the heck did it take him just one year to turn the whole country into total chaos. Uhuru was there for ten years and we had a normal country. KIbaki had ten before that and faced the challenges responsibly. It took Moi 24 years for his government to come to total ruins.

Only one year for Ruto and the whole country is a complete mess and that is just the beginning. Come on Ruto what is wrong with you? Right now you are the worst president Kenya ever had. And you think this is going to work for you. No it will not work for you because it cannot work for Kenya and the citizens know that already.

The worst thing William Ruto and his police thugs are doing right now is the shootings and killing of so many Kenyans who go to the rallies. Once Ruto militarizes the conflict his regime has with the citizens people are going to come to those rallies expecting to be killed then they will take whatever action they need for self defense and you have a war in your hands. Then what will Ruto do after that?

Right now all the Ruto loud mouths are issuing orders and threats against Raila and the demos and when the time comes they will be hiding in their toilets. They are more useless than Ruto in dealing the reality in Kenya today.

Our collective advise to William Ruto at this time as Kenyans should be to tell him to stop using violence and militarizing the conflict he has with Kenyans because the consequences will be brutal for the country.

One of the biggest problems Ruto has other than that Kenyans are just sick of him from State House is that there is nobody in his regime who can actually talk sense and advice him on what to do. They are errand boys at best and their job is to sing for their little king. Keep singing please as you descend into the abyss with William Ruto. Good luck down there.

And the Ruto panic gets to new levels. Just unbelievable.

President Ruto To Uhuru: Stop Funding Raila, Ama Tutakusafirisha Na Yeye
President Ruto to Uhuru: Stop funding Raila, ama tutakusafirisha na yeye

President William Ruto has now fired a direct warning shot to his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta over his alleged continuous association with opposition chief Raila Odinga.

President Ruto, speaking in Nakuru County’s Mai Mahiu town on Friday, alleged that Uhuru has secretly been funding Odinga’s persistent anti-government protests that have recently turned ugly with numerous deaths recorded.

This comes as the Head of State cautioned Odinga against proceeding with his planned demonstrations set for three days next week, stating – matter of factly – that the government will take him head-on if he does.

The President warned that, while staging a protest is any citizen’s right as enshrined in the Constitution, the full weight of the country’s security apparatus and legal system will be thrust upon Odinga if any more bloodshed is witnessed in the process.

Ruto further vowed to conclusively deal with Odinga politically, once and for all, and ensure that he firmly retires to his home in Bondo.

He went ahead to add that, should former President Kenyatta fail to cease funding Odinga’s protests, then he will presumably also be swept away by the government’s wave and retired as well in the process.

“Nataka nimwambie rafiki yangu Uhuru, ata wewe wachana na huyu mzee (Odinga), wacha kumpatia pesa ya kununua watu wa Mungiki wachome Nairobi. Wewe umekuwa rais, kuwa mungwana, tulikuunga mkono wakati ulikuwa rais wetu, uliunga mtu wa kitendawili mkono tukamwangusha, wachana na yeye,” he said.

“Usipowachana na yeye, ata wewe tutakusafirisha na huyo kitendawili wako. Uhuru Kenyatta tulimsaidia akiwa Rais, sasa anapanga kuchoma Nairobi, imemkosea nini?”

He reiterated his remarks that the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya leader was the reason for the failure by the previous government, under Uhuru, to fully realize its promises, hence he will not allow him to get anywhere near the Kenya Kwanza regime.

“Alifanya ile Big Four yetu ikapotea, akatupeleka kule BBI tukapotea mpaka tukaingia madeni, sai tuko na deni ya 9 trillion. Saizi amekuja ati anatuletea vita ati tumlete ndani ya serikali, hiyo ni ndoto ya mchana, haiwezekani,” added the President.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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