State to Revoke All Individual Land Titles in Gazetted Forests

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Environment Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya has announced the government’s decision to revoke all individual land titles in gazetted forests, citing their illegality.

The CS declared, “We shall revoke all land title deeds held by individuals and organizations in gazetted forests. They are expressly illegal.” This move aims to tackle issues of land grabbing and ensure the conservation of forest lands.

During her visit to the Ololua Forest in Kajiado County, CS Tuya stressed the government’s position against people who illegally purchase forest property, emphasizing the significance of environmental preservation. She emphasized the need to protect these natural riches for future generations.

The CS also revealed plans to convert title deeds of genuine research institutions in gazetted forests into special use licenses issued by the Kenya Forest Service. This measure seeks to distinguish between lawful and unlawful land ownership within these protected areas.

The revocation process, which will involve collaboration with the Lands docket led by Alice Wahome, aims to address concerns about illegal land ownership and safeguard the integrity of gazetted forests.

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