Is the Secret Police Back in Kenya? Moi Called It The Special Branch

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The Ruto government now claims they did not raid Fred Matiang’i’s office at night even though they admit they are investigating him for several crimes. So whoever raided the former CS home were not sent by the National Police Services led by the IG Japhet Koome.

They were also not from from the EACC or KRA. In this case we are dealing with ghosts from a secret police force operating in the country. It took the government two days to figure all that out. It is obvious the Ruto security apparatus have just realized how much Kenyans would detest a return to the Moi era police state run from State House.

They are now going overboard making all sorts of wild accusations that Matiang’i just made up the arrest and they want the evidence of the arrest. If the police was not involved in the raid and they were listening live to the news for more than a day, they should have been at the scene to declare they are not part of any such action and find out who was involved. Instead, the NPS and entire police force sat on their desks and waited for time to go to the media to build their own story.

Why not go there and sort it out? It would have helped the Ruto boys if Kathure Kindiki was on the scene this time not in military uniform but wearing Police Inspector uniform to tell Kenyans the police had nothing to do with the whole situation. But no, the boys are good at media talk and they waited after Matiang’i and his lawyers have sorted out the situation and even obtained a court order barring the police from raiding the former CS home to start their media outbursts.

How do they think Matiang’i obtained a court order from Justice Kanyi Kimondo barring cops from arresting and detaining him? Was the judge part of the conspiracy?

In the Moi days, and William Ruto of all people know this very well, they had the secret police led by the notorious James Opiyo, who was pretty much a killer by profession as the leader of the Moi police known as the Special Branch (SB). The SBs could do anything they wanted to anybody once they are instructed to go on attack. They had all police equipment including heavy guns and everything and their expertise was to raid peoples’ homes at night. Once the SB came to your home at night you were dead.

Here is the dreaded James Opiyo who ran the Moi secret police and was only answerable to President Moi. Everybody was scared of him including police bosses. When working with the human rights groups putting a report, “We lived To Tell” about the Moi torture days after we got the SB dismantled, we could not even find a picture of the man and had to send our photographer to sneak to his home and snap a picture after he retired to his home.

Click to access 01828.pdf

The SB arrested me twice, but the second one in Mombasa where I was working as a lecturer at Mombasa Polytechnic was the worst. They SB police arrived at 3 a.m and just broke into the house before I could open the door after they knocked. I had family in the house including my 18 year old nephew who had some serious health issues.

After searching the house for hours until 8 a.m the young man needed to go the dispensary for his medication and they just slammed him back on the chair and told him not to move an inch. Eventually I ended up at Nyayo House Torture Chambers after being delivered there by the SB.

That was the case for all of us and when I arrived at Nyayo House, I could see some familiar clothes which I later learnt was because the former wearers of those clothes were in the water flooded cells where you go in with no clothes. So we know how the SB works and the secret to their crimes is that they are above any law and are only answerable to the president and nobody in the police hierarchy.

The question before the country today is whether President Ruto has invented his own secret police to terrorize Kenyans so that we have police raids ran just for him. Whatever Ruto is trying, Kenyans are telling him loud and clear that he cannot bring back the Moi terror days. Kenyans have gone through that and they will not accept it at any cost.

Kenyans did the same with Moi with all the mighty forces he had at his disposal. Kenyans told Moi they were ready to die to save their country from his dictatorship and many did and Moi and his friends like William Ruto know how that ended. It is not going to be any different with Ruto.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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