Here’s What I Did After My Uncle Took Away A Car I Inherited From My Late Step-father

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My name is John the only son of Mr. Kawigi the late. Before he passed away he gave me some inheritance, an expensive Lamborghini car that he had purchased a few months back. My late father really loved me despite the fact that I was not his biological son. He had adopted me to his family because his wife was unable to give birth so he decided to bring me into his family and not send away his wife, my step-mother who was barren.

Coming into the family was not easy as I was referred to as a bastard child, the one who had no family, no mother nor father. However, I was a really well-behaved child and very disciplined hence earned favor in my father’s eyes. My adoption into the family was not taken well by the other family members who viewed me as a threat. On many occasions, I was scolded by some members who ideally made efforts to have me murdered. In one instance, poison was put in my food and upon eating I became unconscious. Luckily, I was rushed to the hospital by my late father and was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for some weeks before I recovered.

When I got back home, my late father and I had a talk where he urged me to be careful at all times adding that his brothers who were my uncles wanted to inherit his property too and would do anything for that. My stepmother had passed away from HIV/AIDs hence when my stepdad was tested and he turned out positive too, he knew he was next in line.

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Prior to his death, my step-father called his lawyer and transferred all his property to me including the expensive Lamborghini car he had just purchased. All this while, his brother was also eyeing the car and I knew he would do something fishy should anything happen to my father.

A few weeks later my father passed on, we accorded him a decent send-off and started moving on with our lives. One day, my uncle tried to trespass to my compound but luckily security dogs chased him away. This got me wondering what he was up to so I decided to beef up security at the homestead. A few months thereafter, while I was relaxing at home, I saw the family lawyer with my uncle coming in. Wondering what they were up to, I asked the lawyer. He said that the car I inherited from my late father no longer belonged to me and that I should give it to my uncle.

I then realized my uncle had bribed the lawyer to reverse the ownership of the car to him. I could not resist anymore so I surrendered the keys and decided that I was going to seek justice from the court. Everything I had inherited from my stepfather was now at stake as the lawyer could not be trusted anymore due to his greed for money.

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I took everything from him and sacked him as the family lawyer. The two however ganged up against me and all efforts to have justice be served in court were futile. I tried filing a case in court but the judge handling the matter was also compromised through a bribe and he ruled in their favor.

It’s until one day that my friend visited and informed me about Kiwanga doctors regarding how they would increase my luck in winning a court case. Without hesitation, I booked an appointment with the doctor, where he did his herbal
techniques and asked me to file the case afresh. I did that without hesitance and the judge listened and ordered each one of us to return to court the following day for the judgment.

That morning, I was in court when in his ruling the judge ordered that the car rightful belonged to me. My uncle was thus fined Sh50,000 for causing a disturbance in court. Thanks to Kiwanga doctors I got justice. Kiwanga doctors also cast real and genuine spells like Money spell, success spell and black magic spell among others. They also heal and treat diseases like Leukemia, tummy decrease, penis enlargement among others.

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