Great Job By ODM in Nairobi. Kenya Needs to Move On Now

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ODM party membership drives in Nairobi have been great and the party leadership has focused on the real issues facing the country today like the House Levy fiasco of the Ruto regime and the Embakasi fire tragedy as well as impossible high cost of living for Kenyans.

The Ruto regime is collapsing everywhere in the country. If there is no credible replacement for that despicable government they will just scamper around. Raila and ODM can do their part. Let Kalonzo and his Wiper party do their part. Martha Karua can also work towards replacing William Ruto with a government by the people of the people and for the people of Kenya.

ODM has put every Kenyan government under check for decades. Without Raila and the ODM Kenya will not have the much-loved 2010 Kenya constitution which Ruto never supported and is now trying to sabotage. ODM pushed Kibaki and defeated his fake new katiba in 2005 forcing the final katiba vote that gave Kenyans the 2010 constitution of the republic. Which other leader and party in Kenya can claim such credentials?

Right now William Ruto is in Western Kenya for his regular photo ops and he was hoping to make a big earth shaking “announcements and promises” on the sugar industry in that part of our country.

It turns out William Ruto has no clue what to do with these sugar companies which are stuck in nothingness. Ruto announced government clearing Sh. 50 billion debts for Nzoia sugar company and others.

The rule issue is that sugarcane farmers have not been paid for decades and nobody is producing sugarcane any more. Can Ruto do anything about that?

It is amazing how these politicians dance and look at Ruto as their God on earth. Ruto is the Taylor swift moment for some politicians in Kenya. Dance, Dance and look at your hero and clap your hands in absolute euphoria for the great one. They look at Ruto in owe even when the red carpet is so thin and dirty just dance for your big boy. Complete circus.

When Taylor Swift is in town you dance, clap and adore the hero and forget real things in your backyard.

But the failures of the sugar industry in Kenya is bigger than politicians in Western Kenya having a Taylor Swift moment with Ruto.

The problems in the sugar industry in Kenya are real and we have pointed them out before. The Ruto government knows what the problems are but they do not care one bit. We have no more to say because Kenyans know what the problems are and they know William Ruto cannot and will not try to solve those problems.

Producing sugar has been one of the biggest industries in the world for centuries now. Kenya could very well be at the centre of that lucrative business today and it could mean billions of money for the country a livelihood for millions of Kenyans because sugarcane farming is done on the ground with so many farmers involved.

This is not like someone inventing Google and the Internet and making billions of dollars. This is farming by people on their own farms. How did we blow this up and how can the country fix it?

One day they asked me at my work place to talk about racism. It was a Black History Month. Then I told my co workers that my good friend Lennox would not be in Canada if the white people didn’t need sugar and couldn’t produce it so they took slaves to the Caribbean islands to produce sugar for them. The slaves in Alabama couldn’t produce enough sugar for white folk in America and Europe.

That is how big sugar production business is. First of all the sugar industry in Kenya will not be fixed using the same failed ideas that collapsed it and that is what William Ruto is trying to do.

In one speech Ruto is selling the Sugar companies after wiping out debts. Which companies are those? Then Ruto says he is not privatizing the sugar companies like Nzoia and others. Does anybody know what William Ruto wants to do with the sugar companies which is a key part of the Kenyan economy?

Nobody knows and that includes President William Ruto. That must be very scary for sugarcane farmers in Kenya and for the whole country. Sugar production is a key part of our national economy which has failed miserably. Can it be fixed for the better. That is the question.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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