AFCON Please. Côte d’Ivoire And Mali. What a Game for the Ages.

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I was watching this game on Tinder Hooks with my son who is a football player and fan. Me and him we say we are football fanatics more than fans.

Mali could have had two penalty shots. The first one the referee screwed them ruling on an offside by Mali. My son told me it was offside. I told him no it was a penalty because the ref did not call offside. He told me the ref did not have to because nothing happened as a result of that.

The young man was right it was offside.

Then next obvious penalty and for the Love of God what does Mali do?

Mali were the giants of the game ten minutes into it and they were making amazing moves.

Mali could have had two penalties in the first half but at least they had one.

They blew it up. And then things happened.

And then Côte d’Ivoire won in the last second of the game and I said great now I can just relax about AFCON.

Then South Africa and Carpe Verde Came. Dear God what a beauty of a game.

It was a virtual tie every minute and just great to watch for any football fun.

The South African Goalkeeper takes his team to the semi finals in penalty shoot outs where he made save after save. What a game.

Ronwen Williams took his team to the next level saving four penalties.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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