Ruto Gives Rai Death Threat Amid the Whole Mess in Kenya’s Agriculture Industry

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“Let them withdraw the court case and move out. I have told them there are only three options left, they either move out, go to jail or embark on the journey to heaven,” said Ruto amid cheers from the crowd that had gathered to hear from him in Mumias West.

William Ruto is in Western Kenya counties for his 2027 presidential election campaign. I know that is ridiculous but everything about Ruto is insane. It is endless announcements and relaunching of projects everywhere and pictures in the media for show business and nothing else.

In Western Kenya Ruto is pretending to be reviving the Sugar Industry but in reality, he doesn’t give a shit about it and that is why Mumias Sugar will be as dead as it is now in 2027. For Ruto yelling at Rai to get publicity is enough work for Mumias Sugar Company. The actual work to rebuild the enterprise is irrelevant to him.

So here is Ruto in the media about the Sugar business in western Kenya. President William Ruto has vowed to dismantle cartels, causing confusion in the sugar sub-sector.

A tough-talking Ruto has demanded that two investors fighting over control of Mumias sugar company must cease, pack up and move out.

“We have told those people (Jaswant and Sarbit) to move out.  Mumias belongs to the people and we shall plan for the revival of the sugar mill afresh,” said the head of state.

He said the government will no longer entertain cases lodged in court at the expense of the revival of the sugar factory.

Ruto, who is on a five-day tour of Western, said cartels have frustrated the government agenda to revive Mumias sugar company.

Jaswant Rai moved to court contesting the lease arrangement and the manner in which Mumias Sugar Company was handed over to his brother.

President Ruto appeared to ignore pleas from Mumias East MP Peter Salasya and Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale to spare Sarrai Group and deal with Jaswant Rai who they accused of being behind a litany of court cases that have literally stalled plans to revamp Mumias Sugar Company.

Dr Khalwale claimed the cases had made it difficult for Sarrai Group to run a co-gen project and ethanol production plant at Mumias Sugar Company.

“We have one Asian who has lodged cases in court seeking to stop Mumias Sugar from operating both co-gen and the Ethanol plants, intervene and have the cases withdrawn,” Khalwale told the president.

It is quite telling that Ruto has promised three things about Rai and Mumias Sugar.

“Let them withdraw the court case and move out. I have told them there are only three options left, they either move out, go to jail or embark on the journey to heaven,” said Ruto amid cheers from the crowd that had gathered to hear from him in Mumias West.

Out of those three options the only one Ruto can fulfill is to send Rai to heaven which basically means he will kill him. That is the only one thing Kenyans know Ruto has been doing diligently since he took office. Mr. President is very good at killing Kenyans. He is sending them to heaven. Bwana Asifiwe. That Bwana needs some humans as food.

In the sugar business. We have the land. We have the farmers so eager to produce sugar cane. We have factories to process sugar. We have a huge demand and market for sugar in Kenya. What is the problem? Government incompetency is the problem. Can Ruto solve that? Of course not from what Kenyans have seen.

In the meantime, everything else is working great for the country including JKIA one of the biggest assets in the country. Some ass is being kicked there by the guy whose ass really needs to be kicked but is protected by Ruto.

In terms of developing food production in Kenya here is what Ruto promised Kenyans in Galana Kulalu right after he took office it has been a complete flop and that is why Ruto is not visiting this place for his ongoing 2027 campaigns.

The Rai family were allowed to grab the 5,000 acres of Yala Swamp previously owned by Dominion and they have no interest in doing anything in the land. It is just a ton of money for them. That is very insulting for people like me who come from the region.

In short this is a situation where the opposition can work with President Ruto to get rid of the mafia in our sugar industry and the agricultural sector. Get this Rai billionaire family out of Mumias sugar company. You don’t have to kill him. Get him out of the Yala Swamp 5,000 acre land and come with a plan to redevelop those properties. Mumias Sugar company has huge potential do something with it.

Yala Swamp is a national and in fact an international asset. James Orengo and the Siaya County government can turn that into a multi-billion agricultural, climate change and food-producing and processing industry. Why are we screwing it up with these Rai billionaires after the Dominion’s complete failure? Wake up fellas at Siaya County.

James Orengo, please do something about Yala Swamp 5,000 acres of the richest land in the world. It is the biggest asset in your county fix it now. If you fix this place to be an economic giant in the country that it should be, it will be a huge game changer in the entire region. Do it please for your country.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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