God Bless Rigathi: Ruto steps out and Gachagua opens their dirty box

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Ruto hadn’t even landed in Washington DC yet when Rigathi Gachagua took the stage and let the dirtiest secrets buried deep in the UDA playbook.

Thank you Ndugu Gachagua for letting Kenyans know the real plans you and Ruto have for Kenyans. After all you are reputed to be the running mate to William Ruto who months ago asked the people of Mathira Constituency whose money you have stolen relentlessly to set you free so you can help him clinch the presidency come August 2022.

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On top of Ruto’s agenda according to Gachagua is to drag the Uhuru Kenyatta family through thick and toxic mud in the next little while.

The UDA leadership Gachagua told us is furious with Uhuru for accusing William Ruto of robbing Kenyans specifically the theft of 3 billion meant for Kimwarer dam which was supposed to be built in Elgeyo Marakwet.

Speaking during Citizen TV’s daybreak program, Gachagua also condemned the Head of State’s remarks during the Sagana 3 meeting in Nyeri last week where he accused leaders in UDA of cleaning corruption money through Mt Kenya churches and promised the president will be answered now that he had openly picked political sides.

”Anything he says will be answered immediately. He has talked about theft of 3 billion. We are beginning a conversation about money hidden overseas by his family. We are beginning a conversation about Covid funds. We are beginning a conversation on the stolen Mau Mau land. We want to look at the NMS, where they are buying carbos by his family. It is going to be a long conversation. We would have wanted him to retire in peace.”

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One of the scary things here is that Gachagua and his UDA squad intend to bring Uhuru’s family members all of whom are private citizens holding no public office as targets of their coming onslaught on President Uhuru all because Uhuru has expressed support for Raila’s presidency bid.

Talking about Uhuru’s corruption is fair game and in fact, Kenyans would like to know if Uhuru just like Ruto is ripping off the country for his personal wealth. But maybe Gachagua wants to tell us about Mama Ngina, Uhuru’s mother who has never held any public office all her life. That is something Kenyans would consider very offensive and ugly. Which other family members are on the Ruto and Gachagua attack list? We will find out soon.

If Ruto asked Gachuagua to open the pandora box when the DP is out of the country he must be super proud of his deputy in waiting. He has delivered mightily.

The other side of this that Ruto and Gachugua must know very well is that they are letting Uhuru know that they are going to be on the hunt for him and his family with all the ammunition they have real or imaginary.

Uhuru like any other human being must prepare fully to defend himself and his family and that probably starts now as the salvos are fired in his direction. I don’t know if this war on Uhuru and his family is good or bad for Ruto and UDA but it is what it is. You can’t make this stuff up. It is fair warning and let it be a fair fight. Showtime.

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Meanwhile, Gachagua has set the Kenyan Kwanza Alliance on fire by derisively dismissing even the remotest possibility that Musalia Mudavadi who allowed his ANC party to be swallowed by UDA could be William Ruto’s running mate.

That was very rude from Gachagua who is supposedly an ordinary member of Kenya Kwanza Alliance, telling one of the so-called principals to forget any thoughts of being a running mate to the big boss.

Even if Mudavadi was going to be a nobody in the UDA team for the 2022 elections he would have preferred that to be handled politely behind the scenes and some kind of vague announcements made to the effect that he will have some responsibilities should UDA win the elections.

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Mudavadi may be delusional in his quest for power with UDA but he is generally a gentleman, and humiliating him so brazenly while on tour in the US with Ruto as a key figure in Kenya Kwanza Alliance is a bit too much even for him to take so he had to ask his staff back in Nairobi to respond to Gachagua’s assault on him.

In the real world it is William Ruto the boss of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance who should have responded to Gachagua’s statement and told him to shut up because the issue of who will be Ruto’s running mate is beyond his pay scale.

Ruto let Mudavadi who must have spoken to him about the matter deal with it himself. That says everything. Gachagua is actually right. Mudavadi knows his place in the UDA outfit they comically call Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

The real deal here is that bringing Mudavadi and Wetangula into UDA was supposed to attract some 2 million or so votes from Western Kenya.

It is obvious that the more they abuse and humiliate Mudavadi and Wetangula the more the communities behind the two feel insulted by UDA and the more those votes move to Azimio Coalition, which has very solid leaders in the region too like Oparanya, Khaniri, Wamunyinyi, and others.

So here is Ruto’s real nightmare. Ruto was trying to be clever by half by allegedly grabbing the Western Kenya vote from Azimio Coalition through Mudavadi and having the arrogance to assume that the vote from the Mt. Kenyan region was already in his back pocket. It was game over as far as William Ruto was concerned.

Now comes the nightmare. That western vote is nowhere to be found and Gachagua just made it ten times worse.

In terms of the Mt. Kenya vote, Uhuru has made his stand clear and now UDA declaring total war on Uhuru including his family means that vote and all votes across the country where President Uhuru has influence is on the line.

Uhuru is going to be in a fight for his life to urge his supporters to vote for the Azimio Coalition. Even the greatest political fool in Kenya knows that Uhuru has massive support in the country and not just in the Mt. Kenya region.

Uhuru works to turn that vote over to Azimio Coalition where he is a leader and Azimio could sweep the elections and leave Ruto in the shock of his life. This would be a good thing because imagining the likes of Gachagua and the motley crew in UDA running a government in our country makes you sick to the stomach.

These guys would have to be tethered somewhere before they burn down the whole country.

They are still hunting for power and look how uncouth and crude they are with everybody. How about when they actually get that power. Even God wouldn’t help Kenyans. After all Ruto and UDA own God who is firmly in their back pockets. Dear God, please get out of Ruto’s pocket.

To make things even tougher for Ruto, Omingo Magara the UDA treasurer and one of the more respected members of UDA has dumped the sinking ship joined Azimio Coalition.

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At the rate the house of cards is crumbling by the time Ruto gets back to the country he will need the fire crew to salvage what is left of his UDA shack.

There is always Sugoi to go mercifully.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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