Gachagua crosses the blue line everybody notices. This guy crossed the red line in 1992.

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Loosely translates to: “You have suffered so much in the hands of Matiang’i and Kibicho. Even the new blue uniform that you don’t want will be revoked and we return to the old one. The blue one will be left for PCEA church. It is the uniform of women’s guild”.

That was Ruto’s running mate in an alleged UDA “Economic Forum” in Nyandarua. I am sure when they asked the people of Nyandarua in that forum what they want in the next government they told UDA chiefs to just change the police uniforms from blue to yellow and the lives of the people in Nyandarua would be great.

I suspect Gachagua wants these kinds of uniforms he had as President Moi’s DO in Molo in 1992 when he supervised the killing of more than 5,000 Kikuyus and expelling 75,000 others because they did not vote for Moi in the first multi-party election in Kenya held on December 29, 1992.

Moi and Gachagua did their job in three days from the election day and wiped out all Kikuyus from Molo dead or alive. They had to clean the place up quickly and fast. They achieved their goal.

Read: Who is Geoffrey Rigathi Gachagua; Ruto’s proposed DP? A first-class criminal by all measures. How fitting.

Incidentally, that was the same time William Ruto was fiercely running the YK92 thugs in Rift Valley to help president Moi win the election. It is not a stretch of imagination to say Ruto knew Gachagua then since they were doing the same job. So maybe this Ruto and Gachagua friendship goes way back. Certainly, Ruto did not pick his running mate by accident. We can see that now.

After the annihilation in Molo in 1992, the then young D.O 1 Mr. Gachagua was very quickly promoted by president Moi for a job well done. President Moi in his letter of promotion specifically thanked him for “decimation of Kikuyu separatists”. We all know what that means.

And this is the guy William Ruto has chosen to represent the Kikuyu community as the DP in his government if they get elected. That says a lot and it is scary. The ethnic cleansing and murder in Molo in 1992 is the worst in our history as a country. It has its heroes who want to take power again on August 9, 2022. But we have the evidence of their crimes. Kenyans are going to stop them at the ballot.

These are just facts and they are stubborn and terrifying and for the most part even sensible people including human rights activists gloss over them so they can support this Ruto/Gachagua mad combo to run our country.

I am talking about my long time friends like Miguna Miguna with whom we have done so much work to in the human rights movement for our country.

Miguna who as many Kenyans know never minces his words had this to say about the Gachagua the police uniform circus.

“Mr. @rigathi: This is a silly sideshow. No one asked you to change the police uniform. Focus on the agendas of 50 million Kenyans – jobs, human rights, democracy, rule of law, electoral and social justice. If not, shut up,” Miguna tweeted.

As opposed to Miguna I don’t want Gachagua to shut up. The more he talks the more we get to know what a Ruto government would look like and the more Kenyans say never again. That is good for everybody.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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