Who is Geoffrey Rigathi Gachagua; Ruto’s proposed DP? A first-class criminal by all measures. How fitting.

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He was very prominent in the Moi regime as D.O in Molo and helped Moi to wipe out a whole bunch of Kikuyus whom they thought were troublesome after the 1992 elections.

His message to Moi was that he killed everybody Moi asked him to kill. He got promoted for his crimes against Kenyans. Not this time fella. Kenyans are not looking for professional killers of the citizens of the republic.

It is a sad thing to talk about but it is a fact and those are things you cannot avoid.

Ruto knows those facts because he was part of the Moi regime at that time and they were killing a lot of Kenyans including university students.

That is why we ran away from our country and went to Tanzania to stay alive. That is why I feel bad that some of my fellow student activists at the time support these thugs and murderers who killed their own fellow students and comrades.

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At that time William Ruto working for President Moi was trying to kill human rights protestors at Uhuru Park and Rev. Njoya barely survived with his life. We know these people and now they are together. Kenyans will send them away forever.

Ruto and his mobsters came very close to killing our Nobel Prize Winner and our real heroine Wangari Maathai there.

She survived the attack by the Moi thugs at that time run by William Ruto and his friends in the YK92 Kanu gang movement. Kenyans know these criminals and it is good they are coming together as a team so the nation can get rid of them once and for all.

The war that people like Rev. Njoya and others fought so bravely is still on. It has come all the way to 2022.

And OO was in the middle of all those battles. Fair thee well comrade we are getting there.

And Alfred Mutua the new UDA prince has his own issues mounting. Nobody is making this up. We just have criminals teaming together to lose the Kenya Elections on August 9, 2022.

The country really needed this and they have delivered mightily. Just great.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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