Does Ruto have only suspected criminals to run his government?

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If you have any pending cases of corruption and theft of public resources or have been accused of raping women in the country, give William Ruto a call now and ask him to nominate you for a cabinet position or any other job in his government.

First of all, you will be joining a good and big company but more importantly, your charges will be dropped mara moja and any accusers will come begging for mercy from you. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Ask Mithika Linturi a suspected rapist facing charges in court nominated to be our Agriculture cabinet secretary. Never mind if Linturi knows anything about agriculture or has any skills in management given his endless erratic behavior but when a friend is facing such a big problem, Ruto will come to help.

It is amazing that Ruto who wanted to project himself as someone who will take the needs of Kenyan women very seriously and have 50% women in his government has no qualms nominating a person accused of rape against a woman. In most countries, if you are charged with rape or any offense and you are in the cabinet you resign very first before you are fired.

What message is Ruto sending to Kenyan women in this case? That the election is over now and why would Ruto give a damn about Kenyan women? They will have their pads that Ruto promised them and that is good enough.

And they figure Kenyan women can’t complain after all they have their own criminal Aisha Jumwa accused of murder no less nominated to a big position in the Ruto cabinet. Everybody is equal in Ruto’s government. I mean every thief and murderer.

I am surprised Ruto has not named his buddy Didmus Barasa to be our new Cabinet Secretary for Defense since he claimed he was a general in the army and he is pretty good at shooting people in the head. He would be an ideal candidate for the job.

Predictably, the man publicly defending Ruto’s nominees facing criminal and corruption charges in our courts is none other than his deputy Rigathi Gachagua who has actually been found guilty of stealing Kshs. 200 million from the government through money laundering and collecting money with no work done.

Money laundering is one of the most serious international crimes and Gachagua is lucky for now that the issue which is before the courts is on the Recovery Program for stolen money but once the civil suit is done with there is no reason why Gachagua should not be taken to a criminal court to face money laundering charges.

William Ruto’s case of theft of public land in Nairobi is also before the court of appeal having lost in his attempt to just pay peanuts and keep the land his hotel built on that stolen property.

If those are the bosses of the new government, maybe Kenyans can understand why they have to bring their friends with same problems to the cabinet as we all know what birds of the same feather do.

“In the unfortunate event that they are convicted, these CSs will lose their jobs,” Gachagua said.

“But we cannot say, that Mithika Linturi, a great man, a great mind be denied the chance to serve as the CS of Agriculture because the government at that time wanted to punish him for taking a stand,” Gachagua added. 

It seems from the likes of Gachagua raping a woman in Kenya was a great as long as you were doing it to take a stand against Uhuru. These are the kinds of sick minds running our government today and this guy speaks for all of them very well and to the point.

The other pick for Ruto is former Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa who has been nominated as CS for Public Service and was charged in 2019 with murder over the death of Gumbao Jola in Ganda, Malindi Constituency. 

They also have Trade and Industry CS nominee Moses Kuria for whom the EACC had recommended the prosecution after investigations revealed that one of the directors of Finishline Construction is a brother to the MP and the MP was the beneficial recipient of the Sh3 million, the EACC said.

So there you have the Ruto Cabinet of murderers, thieves, and rapists. We should count our luck here because at least they are not raiding Kamiti yet to find out who are the cabinet materials rotting in there. I am sure there are a lot of them for this government.

I have lived at Kamiti for a while and with some of those chaps there particularly those on death row who have been there for decades and are very disciplined. Ruto can take the ones with a blue label on their shirts. Those are the good ones according to prison officials. But what the heck? Take even the ones with red labels on their shirts, they could do work to better the Ruto government.

In any event, Kenya doesn’t execute those on death row anymore. The last hanging was in 1987 and I happened to be in there at the time. It was a really annoying day because everybody is locked up when they do the hanging which they mess up, and they have to do it three or four times to get the prisoner dead or they hammer them with huge rungus to finish off the job.

They then pick prisoners to go bury them in some place that nobody is supposed to know. So why keep them there when they could do some useful work for the country working in the Ruto government?

The real serious issue here is that the criminals in government are appointing fellow criminals because they have all the confidence that our judiciary will never convict rich criminals, particularly politicians. Those cases will take 20 years in court and most suspects will probably be dead by then. So why worry about the judiciary which is in the pocket of rich politicians?

And when you are actually proven guilty of theft like Ruto and his deputy Gachagua have been in court, you go to the Court of Appeal. You lose there and take the matter to the Supreme Court in 2040.

The solution to deal with these problems of a government of thieves, by thieves and for thieves is sorting out Chapter Six of our 2010 constitution which deals with integrity, making it workable and implementable for those seeking public offices in Kenya – including the Presidency itself.

That is the job of the Supreme Court of Kenya. Organizations and activists in the civil society movement are headed there on this matter. Otherwise, just empty Kamiti and send them to State House, Harambee House, and other state offices. They will meet very like-minded people there.

And that Gachagua dude is something else. During the Sunday live Citizen TV, he claimed that they did not find any foreign currency at the Central Bank to import oil over the weekend.

The CBK had to explain to him how things are done.

“CBK does not supply foreign exchange for transactions other than for the National Government (i.e., government’s own imports or debt service payments) or CBK’s operations. Oil importers, therefore, obtain their requisite foreign exchange from the commercial banks and not CBK,” wrote CBK in a statement. 

These guys really need a crash course on how governments are run.

You can open your mouth yes, but please figure what is coming out of it unless you are just spitting the tobacco you are chewing. If you are talking to Kenyans, it is a little more complicated than that.

In this case, Gachagua wants to collect money from the CBK for oil imports. The government does not import oil because that is done by private companies and they get their own forex from commercial banks, not from the government.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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