Chaos in Parliament: 7 MPs Suspended As Speaker Wetangula Rejects Sabina Chege’s Ouster

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National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula has suspended seven MPs for periods ranging two sittings to two weeks after chaos erupted in the National Assembly following the Speaker’s decision to reject the removal of Sabina Chege as the Deputy Minority Whip.

In an address on Thursday, June 8, Wetangula said the Nominated Member of Parliament’s removal was incomplete when viewed against the requirement of the Standing Order 20a.

MPs Millie Odhiambo, Rosa Buyu, Sabina Chege, and TJ Kajwang will be out of the House for two weeks, while Fatuma Muyanzi, and Catherine Omanyo were ordered to stay out for 5 days, and Joyce Kamene for two sittings.

“The said members among other things defied a ruling of the speaker, made disruptive utterances, used violence against a member of the house and acted in a manner to the serious determent of the dignity of the house,” Wetangula ruled.

“’I am saddened at what happened this afternoon, I have consistently refrained myself from invoking standing orders relating to the discipline of the House,” Speaker Wetangula said amid boos and jeers, mainly from the minority side.

“The court order effectively suspends the decision by the minority Party on the replacement of Sabina Chege as the Deputy Minority Whip,” Wetangula announced.

Wetangula explained that his hands were tied by a court order that stayed the ouster of Chege, despite the sympathy he might hold for the minority party on the predicaments it might find itself in.

“On one hand, the minority party has met all the procedural requirements to effect a change of its leadership. On the other, I’m confronted by a court order specifically cited to both the speaker and the House as parties to a judicial process that seems to challenge an administrative process,” the speaker said.

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