Algeria Pledges Support for Kenya’s Mission in Haiti

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Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi announced yesterday 19th January 2024 that Algeria will provide political and financial backing for Kenya’s Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti.

During a high-level meeting with Algerian Foreign Minister Ahmed Attaf at the 19th Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Uganda, Mudavadi conveyed Kenya’s deep appreciation for Algeria’s support, stating, “We are grateful for Algeria’s commitment to our mission in Haiti.”

The two ministers also addressed the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas, jointly calling for an end to hostilities and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Minister Attaf affirmed Algeria’s continued collaboration with Kenya, declaring, “We stand with Kenya in its efforts for peace and stability in Haiti.”

Furthermore, both nations emphasized the urgent need for a two-state solution in the Israel-Hamas conflict, aligning with the UN’s call for a lasting resolution.

They also discussed the pressing issue of terrorism in Africa, with Minister Attaf highlighting the challenges faced by the Sahel region. Dr. Mudavadi stressed the importance of concerted efforts to combat terrorism, citing Kenya’s own security concerns due to groups like Al-Shabab.

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