Kenya Earns Over Ksh15 Billion from Avocado Exports to Top 6 Countries

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A report released by the Kenya Exports Branding Agency, has revealed that Kenya has earned over Ksh15 billion from avocado exports to six major countries within 11 months.

The Netherlands emerged as the leading trade partner, with avocado exports estimated to be worth Ksh5.9 billion between January and November 2023.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) closely followed, raking in an estimated Ksh2.6 billion during the same period. France, Spain, and Turkey were also significant destinations for Kenyan avocados, with earnings ranging from Ksh1.5 billion to Ksh2.05 billion.

In an exclusive statement, the report highlighted the growing potential of the Chinese market for Kenyan avocados, with estimated earnings of Ksh1.1 billion in 2023. “The demand for avocados remains steadfast, ensuring a secure market for the foreseeable future. Kenya is a significant player in avocado production, as evidenced by its top markets in terms of value from January to November 2023,” the report stated.

Furthermore, the report revealed that Kenya’s avocado exports in 2023 totaled Ksh20 billion, marking a substantial increase of over 30% from the previous year. The country exported approximately 122 million kilos of avocados, with each kilo fetching an average of Ksh160.

The Avocado Society of Kenya emphasized the vital role of environmental conditions in avocado production, with rich volcanic soil and stable temperatures contributing to the success of the industry. “Our rich volcanic soil provides nutrients to the avocado trees and surrounding forests they act as a natural fertilizer, reducing the need for using agrochemicals in the orchards,” stated the Avocado Society of Kenya in its 2024 planner.

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