AFCON Is Getting Crazy and Better

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DRC is in the house baby for the semi-finals. No kidding. DRC beat Guinea 3-1 in the super blistering Quarter Final AFCON games which is capturing the attention of football lovers and fans all over the world.

And here is the Man Of The Match (MOTM) for DRC.

And that Guinea team has shaken AFCON with shocking success and they made it to the quarter-finals. It is just a bunch of kids really. They have a great future in the world and the game of football in Africa and beyond. Keep it up.

Nigeria took one more step to get to the championship. Now they are in the semi-finals after a 1-0 win over Angola.

Angola fought so hard from nowhere to get to the quarter-finals. They should be very proud of themselves.

Tomorrow is a big day for AFCON with Cape Verde threatening to go to the semi-finals.

With South Africa fighting for the semis, which must be making Benni MacCarthy feel great as he is one of the the greatest South African football players to graze the scenes of world football.

AFCON is just getting started and that is how amazing it is as a world-class football tournament.

It is going to keep going and we will be here to witness the glory of it all. We are lucky to have the privilege as a continent with so many talents in every field of human development, sports, culture, and arts, and just plain thinking.

Football is our game.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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