We did not Support You to Increase Taxes, Clergy to Ruto

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The National Council of Churches (NCCK) has called on President William Ruto to pause and listen to Kenyans as he promised.

In a letter addressed to the Head of State on Friday, February 2, 2024, the religious leaders pleaded with Ruto to take time and listen to Kenyans and relieve them of the financial burden as the current economic times have become unbearable.

The leaders specifically pointed out that while the church supported the current administration, it did not give a nod to the policies the regime is implementing. The clergy subsequently asked the president to be considerate and repeal some of the policies as well as abandon others such as the Housing Levy.

“The current administration was supported by the church, however, some of our church members are saying although they supported Kenya Kwanza, they did not support Kenya Kwanza to increase taxes. They also did not give Kenya Kwanza the mandate to charge the Housing Levy for houses they don’t need. They are also saying they don’t want to be charged more like health for instance NHIF increment and also the other taxes that have been increased,” the clergy said.

Additionally, the men of the cloth appealed to the president to change the course so that the burden currently being felt by citizens could be lifted.

“They are also complaining that they are seeing KRA officials going to their farms to count their chickens and donkeys, the policies he is implementing are hurting citizens and causing an outcry from Kenyans from all walks of life. The people are saying their payslips are being raided in a way never seen before and our call to him is that in times like this he needs to listen to the people and change the course so that the pain that people are expressing comes to an end,” they added.

Further, the clergy urged the president to refrain from his sustained public attacks on the judiciary and let them deliver on their mandated roles without hindrance and interference.

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