Govt Pathologist Confirms Khalwale’s Farmhand was Killed by Fighter Bull

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Government pathologist Johansen Odour has confirmed that Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale’s longtime farmhand, Kizito Moi, was indeed killed by a bull.

This was after a second autopsy was conducted to reveal the cause of death, following allegations that the senator did it.

Police from the Homicide Unit at DCI headquarters, Senator Khalwale, and Kizito’s family members were present.

Odu0r had conducted a second autopsy after there were complaints arising from the first one, which was done by the local pathologist.

Addressing the media on Saturday, Oduor said that the injuries caused to Kizito’s body were caused by a penetrating item that appeared neither sharp nor blunt.

“What I found is that the late Kizito had injuries on the right side of the forehead. There was one on the anterior neck and on the inner thigh of the left leg,” he said.

“Looking at injuries, they were penetrating and had some features that included some blue bruising around them, and to look at them closely, they look like injuries that were caused by something that was penetrating but not very sharp and was a bit blunt, which is in keeping with the horn of an animal,” Oduor added.

From the findings, the State pathologist concluded that the initial autopsy was correct as was caused by an animal.

The doctor representing the complainants was also present during the procedure and concurred with Oduor’s findings

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