238M intercepted by KRA at JKIA: Whose money is it?

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Is it just a tip of the iceberg?

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in coordination with other law enforcement agencies in the country yesterday arrested a man at JKIA trying to sneak Kshs 238 million in the country from Burundi.

The man arrested in this case as far as we know was Paul Kemboi above, an ally of DP William Ruto and an aspirant for the Chesumei MP seat.

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Customs Officers based at JKIA intercepted the Ksh 238 million in foreign currency from Kemboi, who is affiliated with Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA). Kemboi had arrived in Nairobi from Bujumbura.

The money packed as a parcel containing USD 2 million was seized following a wrongful declaration on the intended destination.

Upon arrival, Kemboi made a declaration of the currency indicating the origin as Banque de Credit de Bujumbura (BCB) to a recipient Brinks Global Services, Kenya. 

After clearance by Customs Unit at the airport, he presented the same money at the Swissport Cargo shed with different export documents for shipment to Global Services, UK. The documents produced to support the export request were different from those produced on entry into the country.

After noting the inconsistencies in information provided by the passenger, KRA has invited Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) to assist in investigating the matter as a possible money-laundering attempt.

The money has been held and the matter is under investigation.  KRA encourages passengers to correctly declare all cargo/items at the Ports of entry and exit as required under the provisions of the Second and Third Schedules of the EAC Customs Management Act, 2004.

The money packed as a parcel containing USD 2 million was seized following a wrongful declaration on the intended destination.

Apparently, the man could not explain where he got the money from at one time saying he was a maize farmer in Burundi and later saying he won the money from the lottery. Of course, somebody else gave him the money he is just a mole to carry the money. That is a dangerous lottery to win.

Drug dealers do this all the time. They get poor folks who need money. They pay them and stash drugs into their ass and other parts of the body and they have to travel from A to B to transport the drugs.

If they are lucky they get to their destination and often are arrested. Other times the drugs inside their bodies explode and just kill them. Either way, it is often a disaster for the mole.

That is what money laundry thieves do to transport money from one destination to the other. What is emerging is that this money which originally came from Dubai was taken to Burundi first and then brought to Kenya and was supposed to be banked in Kenya and the criminals involved tried many ways to do so and failed.

When they could not bank the money in any Kenyan bank the money owners decided the money has to be airlifted from the country and taken to be banked elsewhere. Paul Kemboi was to be the mole to transport the money. Now the poor guy is dead in the water.

It looks like Kenyan government authorities figured out the scheme way ahead of the criminals involved. Now there is going to be a price to pay. This could be really messy for the criminals involved here whoever they are. The times, maybe they are changing. We will find out.

Very soon we will be hearing from the criminals involved here that Paul Kemboi’s arrest was politically motivated because he is in the UDA industry. That is not going to help him or his allies. It is what it is.

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The problem here is, we have a picture of the money transporter in handcuffs at JKIA. Who is he? Is he Paul Kemboi?

Who is Paul Kemboi?

Who is Mr. Kemboi working for in this sordid business?

How much money do they want to take out of our country through tens of channels from Dubai to Burundi to we don’t know where?

Can we make a deal with these crooks?

Is Paul Kemboi working for President Uhuru Kenyatta and allies?

Is Mr. Kemboi working for the Deputy President William Ruto and his allies?

He is working for somebody high up there. We know that.

Kenyans are pretty smart people. We know stuff as it happens.

But Kenyans need to know who is siphoning Kshs 238 million through phony deals from our country and who in our government do they work for.

Those questions will be addressed in our courts starting right now but the final questions will be answered in our ballot boxes on August 8, 2022. That is what it is.

The final court of the people. The ballot box.

And this is another Paul Kemboi picture posted on his Facebook on January 6, 2022. This looks like a big bottoms up project for Paul Kemboi. Keep it going.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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