Who are the thieves and crooks President Uhuru talked about?

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This is going to be a big issue for Ruto. For one Ruto was convicted in a court of law for robbing an IDP Mr. Muteshi of 100 acres of land after Ruto thought he was killed in the 2007/8 Post Election Violence.

Ruto was lucky that the case was a civil land grabbing case otherwise Ruto should have been put in jail. We are going to bring that matter to the courts up to the Supreme Court on the basis if Chapter Six of our constitution which says thieves and criminals should not hold public office.

We are coming. No problem.

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We are coming with a lot of “specifity”. Wembe ni ule ule. We have been there. We will meet where we would rather not meet. But we will meet there. We are going to start with what has been proven in the courts.

And speaking of thieves and criminals.

There you have Gachagua the Mathira M.P facing charges of robbing the Mathira CDF of more than Kshs, 12 billion using crooked family companies to steal money for doing nothing.

Very lovely indeed. These thieves are going to be busted.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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