You are mouthing cliches with your Bottom-up talk, Dr. Kituyi to Ruto

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Presidential aspirant Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi has hit out at Deputy President William Ruto over his Bottom-up rallying call, saying the UDA leader does not understand what he is talking about. Dr. Kituyi a former UNCTAD boss took an issue with the proposal to widen the taxbase as a means of improving the country’s economy.

”If you promise to fund a bottom up economic recovery by widening the tax base, you are mouthing cliches whose meaning eludes you,” Dr. Kituyi tweeted.

Speaking when he hosted UDA PG meeting at his Karen residence in Nairobi, DP Ruto said his proposal on Bottom-up economic model was the only way to revive the country’s economy and that the country’s conversation had talked an about turn from the usual political rhetoric.

“Today we are not having a discussion about amending the constitution. We are no longer discussing how to create positions, but how to create jobs. The discussion is what is in it for ordinary Kenyans. We are very proud. While in the past we were discussing the position of the prime minister and deputies, right now the boda boda and mama mboga has taken centre stage. We welcome our competitors to engage us on this conversation about the people,” Ruto said.

In their joint statement, UDA says it was possible to have over 15 million Kenyans at the bottom of the pyramid to be active and meaningful participants in the economy. This the party said can be achieved through financing instruments and mechanisms to spur, promote and empower hustler enterprises such as mama mboga, hawkers, boda bodas, artisans, and artists.

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