Did security scare force the president to land in Mombasa, not JKIA as earlier planned?

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Was there a breach of the president’s security on Sunday at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA)? On July 27th, the Head of State left the country for the UK on a three-day state visit and returned on July 30th at midnight after switching routes, mid-air forcing security chiefs to panic.

According to earlier plans, the presidential jet was to land in the nation’s capital, with senior government officials waiting to receive the Head of State and his delegation. However, minutes to midnight, and without notice, the Kenya Airforce diverted the presidential jet to Mombasa instead.

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”Presidential protocol was at the JKIA by midnight to receive the president. His motorcade and entire presidential security was on standby to receive him. There was panic when it was established he changed routes,” one source says.

Upon receiving information, reports indicate the Chief of KDF Lt. Gen Robert Kibochi and Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiangi took a jet to the Coastal city to receive Uhuru who was just minutes away from touching down. Upon landing the president was briefed by the two before he drove off.

This year alone, there have been three instances when the president’s security was compromised.

In May this year during the launch of the Lamu Port at the coast, President Kenyatta was startled when a stranger charged at him while making his speech before members of his security team swung into action stopping the intruder from reaching the podium where the head of state was delivering his address.

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Days later at Lucky Summer in Nairobi, while presiding over the official opening of the ultra-modern Neema abattoir a man was captured on video running towards the Toyota V8 Landcruiser which was carrying the head of state. Presidential outriders and other members of his security team rushed to the scene to get the man out of the way for Uhuru Kenyatta to pass through.

Earlier in March, a Ruiru-based businessman breached protocol and dramatically drove into the official residence of the President.

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