Yes Please, Bring The ICC to Kenya to Investigate any Crimes Against Humanity.

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The UDA noisemakers and extremists have run out of anything to talk about since the Peace Talks were initiated between the government and Azimio.

Now, they are threatening to call the ICC on Raila. The idiots don’t even know how the ICC works. ICC comes into cases where the government is committing crimes against citizens and those citizens have no legal protection under their own government.

But since the UDA nut cases want the ICC brought into the Peace Talks, how about the first agreement in the talks between the government and Azimio be a deal to invite the ICC to Kenya to investigate any crimes against humanity by either party? It could be an excellent start because if both the government and Azimio invite the ICC they will come in full force and be ready to investigate and prosecute criminals like those thugs killing students and brutalizing journalists.

Azimio should tell Ruto and his friends that they have no objection whatsoever to bringing ICC into the negotiations for peace to ensure that no crimes against humanity are committed as the talks go on.

If that is what KK want then give it to them readily. Some of these noisemakers are soon going to be thrown under the bus by Ruto but it is time to give them a dose of their own medicine. When the ICC come to Kenya their first candidates for investigations are going to be those UDA noisy boys and the Kenya Police. They can have that to keep them busy.

Here is what the UDA leader in parliament said and my advise to Azimio is to readily accept an invite for the ICC to investigate everybody.

“If our PG agrees with us, we will write to ICC because it is now very clear that all Raila Odinga and his team want is to blackmail the country using violence, anarchy, looting, and bloodshed to get into the system of government,” said Ichung’wah who was flanked by Majority Whip in the National Assembly Slyvanus Osoro.

Just today Azimio presented their evidence of police thugs attacking everybody specifically the journalists and trying to assassinate Azimio leaders and they are still asking the government to deal with that. Take KK’s advice and bring the ICC to deal with the overwhelming evidence of police terrorism during the demos.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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