Why Uhuru’s ‘Thief’ remark is trending and Ruto’s supporters are outraged

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President Uhuru Kenyatta is known for his genius political statements, which usually leave the Tanga Tanga wing of Jubilee trying to counter for days. When he said in Vihiga last month, that the country has had enough of Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities leading since independence, entire Tanga Tanga was up in arms, feeling strongly attacked.


On Thursday, the Head of State was at it again, hitting DP Ruto and Tanga Tanga where it hurts the most. Speaking to a roadside rally in Nairobi, in one of his many impromptu inspections of government projects, the Head of State said he remains committed to ensuring Kenyans are in safe hands and will ensure those who take over after him do not exploit citizens.

“I intend to ensure that those who will take over power will not exploit and steal from Kenyans. I want the next government to foster unity among our people not divide them,” President Uhuru told the crowd.

Even though the President did not mention any individual in specific, William Ruto’s supporters are up in arms. Feeling the Head of State was referring to the DP.

Why does William Ruto’s supporters feel Uhuru Kenyatta touched a raw nerve?

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