Why Ruto’s Housing Fund Levy Scam is a Cruel Joke on Kenyans

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Look at that building. No, it is not a bunch of prison blocks built somewhere in Kenya. That is a school where 600 students in Kenya spend their time trying to learn something and be productive members of our country.

Kiboino Primary School, located in the Kachibora area of Cherang’any constituency, is purportedly the smallest public school in Trans Nzoia County, yet it boasts the highest pupil population relative to its land size.

Situated on a half-acre plot, this educational institution consists of three blocks of classrooms accommodating over 600 pupils, with three dilapidated pit latrines cramped within the compound.

Due to the absence of a playfield, the students face difficulties participating in physical education activities and are often forced to use the congested front space for limited exercises.

However, due to the increasing population, the school’s resources have become strained, with double the number of students enrolled compared to a decade ago, all utilising the same infrastructure.

The classrooms are insufficient for the large student population, with a single stream accommodating nearly 100 pupils, and the pit latrines become waterlogged during heavy rainfall.

As a result, the latrines pose a health risk, as pupils could contract waterborne diseases such as cholera and bilharzia. 

James Barongo, a resident of Kiboino, lamented, “Despite our best efforts to seek support from previous leadership, we were unsuccessful.” 

The real issue here is that for 20 years now Kenyan taxpayers has provided CDF money to every constituency in Kenya to help build schools for our kids among other things. And today our schools are in tatters and all that money has gone to politician’s pockets. That is more money than the Ruto Levy can raise in 100 years and it has all been abused and stolen.

In fact right now the Ruto regime has decided to illegally release the CDF money to MPs in violation of a Supreme Court Ruling 2022 declaring the CDF as presently constituted as illegal and no money should be sent to CDF. Now the Ruto super powers have overruled the Supreme Court and the money is flowing again to the MPs. I didn’t know something like that was possible under the Kenyan laws. We will see.

But here is our CDF and its history.

Read: What happens to CDF money in Kenya?

These are some of the schools in Kenya today.


The big truth here for Kenyans as Ruto demands to grab their money for some phony housing scheme which will never work is that you give Kenyan politicians money to build anything even something as important as schools, they will swallow the money and nothing will be built at all. Our government has never built a single thing. Can Ruto show Kenyans one housing project or achievement built by the Kenya government at any time in the last 60 years? No. There is none.

But even in the middle of the huge waste of CDF in Kenya, you go to Kibra constituency in Nairobi and you find the best use of CDF. It is like you are looking at different countries.

It is the same country and the M.Ps are free to do whatever they want with the CDF. You are a lucky student to be in a place like Kibra. Their is no supervision for CDF even though this is national government money.

The message to M.Ps is just do whatever you want. So this is Benard Okoth Imran in Kibra M.P. cares for education and he is putting the CDF money there big time.

Here is Mbagathi High School built with CDF money by Imran and his late brother Ken Okoth, the Kibra M.P before he took over, and you are puzzled to realize that he gets the same amount of money as the other M.Ps and actually has a bigger population to serve in Kibra which is very densely populated.

Kibra MP Ken Okoth leaves behind a legacy at Mbagathi High School

That is just one of the schools he has built in Kibra and there tens of them with some under construction right now.

Imran goes to sit with students in their classrooms and enjoys their company. Every day he is up to to something offering scholarships and helping students who have graduated from high schools to get additional training and further education.

The other area of building anything for Kenyans is to look at the horrific conditions and houses in which Kenyan police officers who work for the government live. If the government cannot even build houses for our police officers who live in hell houses pretty much, what makes them think they can build houses for millions of Kenyans?

VIP Guard Police Officers housing in Mbagathi Road Nairobi. Extremely elegant housing for police officers by Kenya standards.

Here is what by Kenyan standards mounts to elegant housing for those police officers who offer daily security to big government officials. These are considered as mansions for police officers as compared other real ugly mabati “houses” most of the police officers have in the rest of the country. Those mabati house up there are in the heart of grand areas of Nairobi City.

During the day they are always in suits around Very Important Personalities (VIPs), clearing the way for them and making sure they are safe as they (VIPs) build the nation. But after their part in ‘building the nation’, they retreat to their humble abode situated between Highrise and Ufunguo estates along Mbagathi Road.

Life for police officers at the SGB (Security of Government Buildings) camp is unbearable. Yet it is home to hundreds of AP officers who guard or chauffeur top government officials, Cabinet Secretaries and MPs.

“People think we have good lives when they see us dressed in suits accompanying these politicians, but the bitter truth is that our lives are a nightmare,” says a constable, who preferred anonymity.

The camp is a collection of triangular shaped structures with families crammed together. Lucky officers have been allocated space in the structures made up of stone-base and walled with iron sheets.

The unlucky majority live in dusty rooms where they are forced to crawl in as they can’t stand upright owing to the height of the structures, which can get unbearably hot or cold depending with the season.

They have to make do with communal bathrooms and toilets, which are perennially without water. Our guide explains that they have to make do with the situation like “sharing bathrooms used by more than 500 every day”. He adds: “Due to lack of sanitary disposal sets in the toilets we share, some women dispose their pads in the bathrooms. It is disgusting.”

Three to five officers share the mabati houses nicknamed ‘tanks’ while those who are married share two families per ‘tank’ separated by curtains.

“Even doing some things in private is difficult because you fear waking up your neighbour or children,” said an officer who lives in a shared ‘tank’ with his wife and two children.

The ‘tank’ is also turned into a bathroom for officers in a hurry since the queue at the communal bathroom is too long.

Here is a police officer housing in Kenya.

If Kenyans want the Ruto government to build these kinds of “houses” for them then please give him the levy. You will have these kinds of grand housing in about 60 years as Ruto has promised. The reality is that Kenyans are not stupid. They know the government wants to forcefully grab their money and nothing will ever be done for them.

Can you believe the police officers living in those hell holes will be paying the levy to get housing 60 years from now after they have been dead for 40 years. What a great plan for them from Ruto?

The MPs may be willing to dance for Ruto and pass his screwed up exploitative Finance Bill but the matter is already before the courts now. That could be the sledge hammer to kill this Ruto disastrous bed bag intended to suck the blood (money) from every Kenyan.

Here is Ruto’s DP Gachagua today.

No need to waste time rejecting Finance Bill as it will be passed, says Gachagua

“Even if you make noise and put sufurias on your head, even if you reject the bill, thinking it won’t pass, you don’t have the numbers and that’s the truth, there’s no need.” – Gachagua

This dude doesn’t know that even if they pass the Finance Bill, the courts can strike many parts of it out making it dead. In any event if the Kenyan people reject this rip off Finance Bill, Ruto and his boys can yell all they want. It will mean nothing.

Here are the new threats from Ruto. Pay my taxes or I grab all the money meant for development in your areas.

No More Roads For Areas Whose MPs Oppose Finance Bill – Gachagua

By citizen Published on: June 04, 2023 04:30 (EAT)

No more roads for areas whose MPs oppose Finance Bill - Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua now says Members of Parliament opposing the contentious Finance Bill, 2023, should not expect any funds for projects such as roads in their constituencies.

The DP who spoke on Sunday during a church service at Leshuta in Narok County referred to Saturday’s harambee function he attended at St Charles Lwanga Secondary School in Kitui County, where Kitui Central MP Makali Mulu said the Bill should be shot down.

“There is a lot of incitement around this whole Finance Bill issue. I was in Kitui yesterday and their MP spoke about cessation and people were clapping. And then soon after he was telling me they need roads, where does he expect the money to build roads to come from?” the DP posed.

According to the country’s second-in-command, the government is relying on the bill to raise revenue. Thus, legislators should be in full support if they expect to get development funds.

“Some of you leaders are lying to Kenyans, but know that if your MP is opposed to the Finance Bill, they should not ask for roads,” he said.

At Saturday’s function, Gachagua insisted that the Finance Bill, 2023, must pass as it is, arguing that it did not make sense to call on the government to build schools, repair roads and set up other infrastructure, while at the same time “refusing to have taxes increased”.

“I am a person who speaks the truth; people must give taxes to finance our capital and recurrent expenditure… there was a call to recruit more teachers, who will pay for this? I can’t pay for it with my Ksh1 million salary… that money will be gotten from the citizens” he said.

Gachagua went ahead to take a swipe at opposition politicians from the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition who are against the bill, saying, “Even if you make noise and put sufurias on your head, even if you reject the bill, thinking it won’t pass, you don’t have the numbers and that’s the truth, there’s no need.”

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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