When is Ruto Contributing to the Funds for Kenyans his Government has Killed and Injured?

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“I want to acknowledge with grateful thanks the contribution of our brother Uhuru Kenyatta of Sh1 million, and of our brother Raila Odinga of Sh1 million, and I’m escorting them with half a million shillings, ” Kalonzo said.

It is great news that Azimio’s leadership has started a system to contribute funds to help the victims of William Ruto’s murders and violence. Can Azimio make this public and set up an M-Pesa account for Kenyans to contribute to the funds? Make it public and we are ready to put money there from tomorrow. Please do it.

Secondly, can Azimio make sure that the administration of the funds is done with transparency and helps all victims?

Do that because this is a very good effort and it is the first time it has been done in our country. We can all contribute to these great Kenyan freedom fighters. It will be in the hundreds of millions if all Kenyans can contribute to help in whichever little way we can.

In the meantime, William Ruto and his friends in the murder business of the KK government can also start contributing to help their victims. Maybe Ruto wants to set up a fund for the hundreds of police officers killed by Azimio demonstrators. There is none. So just keep the money William and kill more Kenyans next week because the demos are back in full force.

And here is another very good news for Azimio and the opposition in Kenya.

Today the Court of Appeal allowed Ruto’s Finance Act 2023 to go ahead even as they wait to hear the entire case. Ruto and his government must be jumping in happiness because now they can grab all the tax money they want from Kenyans.

The trouble for Ruto here is that Azimio is also jumping in happiness. By the end of the week, Kenyans will see the prices of everything go up 10 or 20% thanks to the VAT increase from 8 to 16%.

Next week, when these Kenyans come to the streets to protest the Ruto tax rob it will be real on them. Let’s see how that works for Ruto. It will not be good for him. That is coming next.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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