Wambui wa Ruto at the Heart of the Mega Cooking Oil Scam Costing Kenyans Billions

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Now Kenyans know who the cartels ripping off the country are and they are right from the top and directly connected to President William Ruto himself who is their godfather and for whom they campaigned very aggressively and gave a lot of money.

Ruto’s allies have pocketed more than KSh 6 billion in the secretly awarded tenders that have now been exposed by the Kenyan media. Mary Wambui has been named as one of the influential government figures whose companies were contracted to supply edible oil and other commodities that Kenyans need.

It was a simple trick on theft of public money. The government secretly gives tenders to William Ruto’s friends and they import cooking oil and then sell the same oil to the Ruto government at a higher price which in this case amounted to Kh. 6.85 billion free money to those select companies from the government.

Even the most stupid person can see that the government could have just imported the cooking oil themselves and be able to sell the oil to the suppliers at a cheaper price. So this is theft of public money at two levels. The Ruto cartel gets their billions of free money and the Kenyans buy the oil at a higher price to compensate for the gifts for the Ruto thieves.

Appearing in the Senate on Wednesday, June 21, Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria disclosed that Mary Wambui’s company, Purma Holdings, was among the firms KNTC prequalified to import various commodities into the country.

Companies associated with the president’s insiders were reportedly single-sourced to procure the oil. It is alleged that Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and National Treasury applied the wrong law to approve importation.

Kenyans know that Mary Wambui was a key financier of the Ruto presidential campaign and now William Ruto is paying her back and most likely sharing the robbed money with her. Yes indeed Kenya is owned by cartels run from Ruto’s State House. It turns out that 4 of the companies given the tenders are linked to Mary Wambui.

Are these crime partners? Kenyans want to know that. Right about now would be Good.

Documents that Mr Kuria tabled before the Senate on Wednesday show that the four companies associated with Ms Wambui got contracts to import edible oil, rice, and beans.

Purma Holdings is the first company where Mary Wambui is the sole shareholder having opened the company in 1996.

Kuria said Purma Holdings was awarded a tender import 30,000 metric tons of rice, 12,500 litres of edible oil and 20,000 metric tons of beans. Wambui is also the chairperson of Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Board and her daughter, Purity Njoki Mungai, are said to be the directors of Purma Holdings.

The second company is called Charma Holdings which is contracted to buy over 500,000 jerrycans of cooking oil and the owner is a close associate of Ms Wambui. The sole shareholder named Ruth Kinyanjui.

The third company is Nighigale Enterprise which won a multibillion tender with the government for digital highway project. The company is owned by Ruth Kinyanjui and is co-owned by Ms Wambui’s daughter, Evelyn Nyambura.

The fourth company is Evertec General Trading Company Ltd. They will also supply 6,250 tonnes of cooking oil to KNTC. It will also earn $2.1 million (Sh294.6 million) before tax and expenses.

Evertec General Trading Company Ltd was incorporated on 10 April 2008. Mr George Maina Wanjohi is listed as the sole shareholder. Ms Kinyanjui, the sole shareholder of Charma Holdings, is listed as the contact person for Evertec General Trading Ltd. Her contact details are listed in Evertec’s ownership records.

In total, Ruto’s ally, Mary Wambui, made a cool Sh6.85 billion from the edible oil scandal.

This is the same Mary Wambui who was charged for tax evasion amounting to Sh. 2.2 billion in December 2021 and was at one point hunted down by police while hiding safely at William Ruto’s Weston Hotel.

Wambui had her tax evasion charges withdrawn by Ruto. Those are just plain facts and as we know facts are stubborn things.

It obvious Ruto was thinking this tax thief would be a magnificent partner for him when their are now trillions to be stolen from the Kenyan public under his regime.

Why would Ruto want such a key asset who also financed his election campaign be wasted in jail when their is so much public money to be stolen right now. That Ruto plan is paying off big time.

DPP Haji halts tax evasion case against CA chair Mary Wambui


According to Media reports on January 10, 2023 Mary Wambui Mungai secured a major relief in court after a magistrate allowed prosecutors to withdraw the Sh2.2 billion tax evasion case.

This came a month after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) dropped another case facing Mary Wambui and her daughter Purity Njoki both of whom were the directors of Purma Holdings Limited.

The two had been charged as directors of Purma Holdings Limited with alleged failure to pay taxes amounting to Sh2,231,789,125.

They faced eight counts of unlawfully omitting income tax returns for their company between 2014-2019.

The alleged unpaid taxes emerged from the billions of shillings earned by the company from government tenders for supplying boots, uniforms and cereals to the military, among other State departments.

Now Wambui has Sh. 6.85 billion more to share with her godfather and saviour, President William Ruto. The real question comes down to what Kenyans are going to do about this massive theft of public money by President Ruto and his friends.

This issue has now gone beyond Moses Kuria’s free speech using vulgar language to insult the media. It is now Kuria’s free speech exposing Ruto’s thieves. William Ruto must be really mad with Kuria for exposing him so badly.

Moses Kuria was specifically telling the senate that they should not blame him for the massive theft of taxpayer money by secretly awarding these tenders to specific companies to rob the Kenyan taxpayer of Sh. 6.85 billions with more to come for the same select companies.

Kuria seems to be asking the Senate one question. What do you want me to do when my boss gives me orders?

Kuria is telling Kenyans that he was awarding the secret tenders to thieves who are personal friends to his boss, President William Ruto and he was only obeying orders from above. The president picks the thieves to get tenders and his cabinet has to do what he wants. So the man is doing his job namely working for the thieves above him and the one who gave him his CS job.

From the evidence emerging from this mass theft of Kenyan taxpayer money, it is obvious the emperor has no clothes. Not even a torn underwear or a dirty gunia to cover his ass.

Kenyans can see exactly who the man who calls himself the president of their republic is and there is no doubt he is a danger to every single Kenyan taxpayer and to all those hustlers paying big money for cooking oil to make profits for Ruto’s buddies who share their rip off profits with him.

And for God’s sake the 16% VAT on fuel is coming on July 1, 2023. Let just wait and see it.

Azimio has their job cut out for them as they launch mass rallies against the Ruto regime next week. Kenyans now have concrete evidence that they have a massive thief sitting at State House ready to swallow taxpayer money with his friends at a rate never seen in our country.

Even the Goldenberg scandal which killed Moi and led to a state inquiry during the Mwai Kibaki government doesn’t come close to this Ruto just open and in your face theft of huge sums of public money. This is a new era of robbing Kenyans off everything.

The question comes down to what Kenyans have to do not just to stop Ruto but to put an end to the massive theft of public money going on under the Ruto regime. That is what is on the ground in our country today.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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