Certified Madness is CS Kuria Asking for NYS Deployment to Haiti

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Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Management Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has recommended the deployment of officers from the National Youth Service (NYS) to Haiti to assist in combating criminal gangs.

Speaking during the launch of the NYS Interventions for Agriculture and Food Security in Kitale on Thursday, November 2, the CS said the move would help address the high unemployment rate among the youth in the country.

CS Kuria added that President Ruto wants him to make sure that all Kenyan youth are employed and he is now asking the government to send Kenyan youth from the NYS to Haiti to fight the gangs there who are destroying Haiti as we speak. Kuria argued that this deployment in Haiti will be a good employment opportunity for Kenyan youth.

“I’m here to get jobs for the youths, and anywhere I hear there’s an opportunity, as long as it’s not drugs, I’m taking the youth…even if that’s in Haiti, we must our youth must get jobs,” the CS said adding that he was under firm instructions from President William Ruto not to rest until every youth gets a source of income.

The CS’s remarks come amid plans by the Kenyan government to deploy 1,000 police officers to help restore security in the troubled Caribbean nation.

This is a brilliant idea from Moses Kuria if ever there was one. Kuria has a win-and-win situation for the Ruto government. We have too many youth with no jobs and any hopes of getting them jobs in Kenya is next to zero.

If Ruto sends the Kenya youth to Haiti they will get killed there very fast by the Haiti gangs who ran the streets and who the Haiti government or any of the western friendly countries like the USA cannot and do not want to handle. Send Kenyan youth there they are dead very fast in large numbers. That way Kuria and Ruto will not have thousands of youth in Kenya looking for jobs or asking for food and other basic needs. Problem solved. What can possibly go wrong with this great plan?

Haiti is a horrible War zone as reported here by Hivi Punde in Nairobi.

Not to be left out of the madness certification by President William Ruto was CS for Tourism and Wildlife, Alfred Mutua who took King Charles and Queen Camilla to our famed Nairobi National Park which is a truly beautiful place and the only national park in a capital city anywhere in the world.

Mutua decided he needed to put up a show for the Royal Family and in the name of elephants and giraffes at the park he put up quite a show for the Royals.

I have been to Nairobi National Park and I love it. I was there with a bunch of young people including my son and they were just playing around on top of the open window in the van we had had. We forgot one thing. The managers at the park told us not to go near Rhinoceros with their young kids. And here we were with these kids taking pictures of the this rhino family and we had stopped the car. The mother rhino got mad and she came at us roaring with that hone directed at our van.

We pulled the young folks into the car and drove off in a wild ride. We made it out safe and when we talked to the managers they said you have to listen to the game rangers when they tell you not to do something at the park.

So I am asking the rangers to talk to Alfred Mutua not to turn Nairobi National Park into a petty red carpet show. If you want red carpets go to State House. The Park is for nature and our wildlife that is what Mutua should have been showing King Charles and Camilla.

But then again what else can Kenyans expect from this brand new breed of Ruto CS’s. They need to look busy and when there is no real work going on it is better to be in uniform with your name plastered on it inspecting “a guard of honour”

It is kind of sad but it is what it is. This is the Ruto government at work for Kenyans.

And then this guy has had a bad time. Didn’t make it to State House to have good time with the King and everybody else. He was busy he says.

Nobody knew he was this busy. Don’t ask me what the poor guy is doing in that trap. Maybe he set up a trap and it backfired and trapped him. Who knows. I know Ruto boys need to look busy but this is way too busy even for DP Rigathi.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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