President Uhuru wants to speak with man who blocked motorcade

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President Uhuru Kenyatta promised Kepher Nyambane he will talk with him after he attempted to block the Head of State’s motorcade on Wednesday in Nairobi’s Lucky Summer area. Speaking to a local daily on Friday, the thirty-year-old father of three said his move to block the president was deliberate because he has for a very long time wanted to catch the Head of State’s attention and tell him how frustrating things have become for the normal mwananchi.

”It just happened. When I woke up yesterday (Wednesday), I did not even know that the President was going to tour Lucky Summer. However, for the longest time, I have dreamt of meeting the President and inform him of my financial tribulations. That’s when I thought maybe, today is the day I’d meet him,” Mr. Nyambane said.

”When I saw his outriders, I got happy. I knew I was going to catch his attention by all means. I did not fear being run over by his cars.I heard him telling his bodyguards: ‘achana na huyo kijana. He, thereafter, addressed me, saying: ‘tutaongea, tutaongea  before rolling up his car window’,” he added.

Nairobi County Regional Commander on Augustine Nthumbi on Wednesday said the unarmed middle-aged man was “only excited” to see the President’s convoy and he will not be charged of breaching the Head of State’s security.

“What the man did does not conclusively amount to breach of the President’s security,” said Nthumbi.

“He was only excited, and wanted to catch the President’s attention. Unfortunately, he chose a wrong method to catch the President’s eye. His action led to temporary disruption of the procession. The President’s bodyguards and our officers, however, managed to rein him in. For now, I can say there is no police or legal action that we’ll take against the man,” added the city police boss.

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