Tribalist DP Gachagua wants one Country for Kikuyus and a Second Hand Kenya for Others. Where is President Ruto?

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“Haiwezekani!” Those were Gachagua’s orders to Nairobi County governor Johnson Sakaja when he warned him that everything he does in Nairobi has first and foremost be for Kikuyus and everything else like safety of the city, transportation, economic development, and all comes next.

This is the same DP who was ordering the Kenya police to shoot and kill people for safety but when the Nairobi governor tries to do something for the safety of Nairobi residents, he is issuing tribalist threats to him.

Oh, you were elected by Kikuyus and if you do anything Gachagua doesn’t like you will be thrown in the bushes. Maybe shoot him first before you through him in the bushes. Does William Ruto get the same threats from Gachagua or do they have common tribalistic interests of ” I take care of my people, you take care of yours and the rest can go to hell”?

These UDA people are playing very dangerous games that could set the country into flames and they will all be running to Dubai as Kenya burns.

This is the story I was reading from our media not so much in disbelief but in horror.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has spoken out against Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja’s recent plan to ban matatus from the CBD.

In his Monday address to Nyeri residents, the DP went bare-knuckled at Sakaja, telling him to cool it because it was he who mobilized voters to elect him in the August elections.

Gachagua criticized the county executive’s plan, claiming it would destroy the economy in the nation’s capital

“I have told the Nairobi Governor that we will have a sitting with him because we are the ones who elected him. I mobilized Kikuyus in Nairobi to vote for him and called him. Any decision that he makes which may affect business in Nairobi, we must first sit and discuss,” Gachagua said.

“Hatutaki speedy mingi sana, twende pole pole. Hio maneno ya kutoa matatu, hio haiwezekani. Sitaki tuanze kusumbua wafanyibiashara.”

DP Gachagua compared Sakaja’s situation to that of former Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui, implying that if he does not keep his word, he risks losing his seat in the next elections.

The deputy president at the same time commended incumbent Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika for restoring matatus in towns.

“Mimi napongeza Governor Kihika… pale Nakuru watu wetu walikua wamefukuzwa na yule mtu wa Azimio, Kinyanjui na akawapeleka msituni. Mimi nikaambia watu ndio wataamua. Mfukuzeni kama gavana mmpeleke msituuni na nyinyi mrudi town…si hivyo ndivyo watu wa Nakuru walifanya?” He posed amidst cheers.

The DP urged Sakaja to meet with him in order to resolve the issue, which has since sparked opposition from members of the public and the transportation sector.

Sakaja’s directive also seeks to have long-distance Matatu operators in the capital relocated to the Green Park terminus at Uhuru Park in an effort to reduce congestion, an order that the High Court has since halted.

We know Ruto is running a completely tribalist government and they are very clear about it, but do they have to come out and issue overt tribalist threats and orders in public?

If you want to serve the interests of Kikuyus in Nairobi, how about the millions of other Kenyans living and working in Nairobi who are not Kikuyus? What are you telling them? How about Kikuyus who live and work in other cities and communities across the country? Should they run out of those places and come to Nairobi and Nakuru where Gachagua will give them special privileges?

This is kind of stupid thinking that brings ethnic tension and complications and when it explodes, even the Gachaguas can do nothing about it.

Ask Kibaki in 2007/8 when a bunch of idiot tribalists in the security system unleashed tribal violence and within minutes the whole country was in flames and those tribalist leaders were hiding in their toilets in their big homes in Nairobi. Koffi Annan had to come in and save their asses from the flames that were coming close to everybody’s door.

The really shocking thing is that not a single Kenyan politician has come out to denounce Gachagua’s gross tribalism. What are they afraid of? Are they telling Kenyans that the tribalists are in charge and it is everybody on their own? If that is the case Kenyans can handle it as they have done before. Nobody is scared of these tribalists except those in power who think tribalism protects them.

The average Kenyan in the street doesn’t fear anything from tribalists in government.

They have dealt with them for 60 years and none was worse than Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi yet Kenyans threw him in the garbage where he belonged. A Ruto and Gachagua tribalist government is chicken feed for Kenyans after what they did with Moi. Kenyans can eat them alive any minute.

Now for poor Johnson Sakaja what does he do? Obey the orders from the Tribalist-in-Chief or run Nairobi County in the best interests of the residents of Nairobi? That is up to him but Kenyans got the Gachagua message loud and clear and for that we thank him. Kenyans will deal with it accordingly. From Haiwezekani! To Inawezekana. The ujinga of tribalism will be fought hands on Mr. Gachagua. Bring it on.

The problem loud mouth Gachagua has created for the governor is that from now on, every move he makes will be seen as to how good it is for Kikuyus, and if not, he will get his ass kicked by Gachagua and by the Kikuyu community that is being told the governor is against them.

The Central Business District (CBD) in Nairobi actually doesn’t belong to any tribe. It belongs to all Kenyans who live and work in Nairobi and the same applies to other cities like Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, and other big business towns in Kenya.

If you tribalize Nairobi for Kikuyus what happens in Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, and others? It defeats common sense to build enmity between the Kikuyu communities in Nairobi and their governor and possibly with other communities. Who benefits from all that other than political nincompoops like Gachagua and his UDA kings?

The scary thing s is that this tribalist regime honchos feel confident to preach naked tribalism in public. What do you think they talk about privately at State House? And for God’s sake can our politicians condemn this ugly face of tribalism that Gachagua is preaching publicly? Get a little courage please and condemn this UDA nonsense before it swallows the whole country because it will and then Kenyans will deal with it as they see fit.

In the meantime, the other Ruto big shot Aden Duale is issuing his own orders to Kenyan Muslim women. The lunatics are now completely out of their little boxes. Ruto has now built a comfy home and government for them to shit on all Kenyans. This will not last long.

“Anywhere where the government requires Muslims to sit… we will respect Muslim culture. We will make sure our girls wear Hijab,” Duale said.

“If you have a problem with the Hijabs our girls, wives, and sisters wearing Hijab and you are in Kenya, then you better leave this country.”

Now between the tribalist nuts like Gachagua and this dude who wants to run a Taliban government what else is left for Kenyans? UDA is imploding right in front of our eyes. Keep going.

The frightening thing about this for me is that the entire human rights movement in Kenya is dead silent about these public announcements that threaten basic freedoms. Where is the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR)? I don’t care about their politics and leadership but they are being paid taxpayer money to alert and protect Kenyans from these kinds of tribalist and religious threats to basic societal norms.

Can KNCHR at least do its job? Kenyans paid with their lives to have those human rights institutions in our country. And they too just want to eat?

There may be nothing to eat if we don’t save the country. Maina Kiai told me when we met in Nairobi in 2003 that when people get to those big offices of KNCHR and they get big money and live large, that is the first thing they will protect and you can forget about human rights. I didn’t know how he saw this coming. But we are good for the battle.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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