Former Lamu Senator Recuperating at the Agha Khan Hospital after Nairobi Mugging

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Former Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip is nursing serious injuries after he was attacked by thugs at the Globe Cinema roundabout last night.

The former senator was accosted by muggers at around 9pm, as he walked from Kirinyaga road where he had gone to buy a shirt, to his rented room in Ngara. The thugs who assaulted him before they took away his mobile phone and other valuables disappeared shortly thereafter towards the Nairobi river, leaving the former Senator to his own devices.

Police officers based at the Parklands police station who were out on patrol spotted the badly injured man who had managed to walk to the Fig Tree – Kipande road junction and rushed to his aid.

They immediately rushed him to the Agha Khan hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

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