Tim Wanyonyi can now win ODM nominations for Westlands.

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The court has made a good call on this one. Let the two candidates in this case Michael Magero Gumo and Tim Wanyonyi go to the primary polls within 72 hours as directed by the court and Tim takes this on a landslide win. After that, the two of them can work together for their city.

This was a difficult situation. Gumo won the primaries after getting 1,661 votes against his competitor who got 627 votes. Tim could get some 10,000 plus votes in the nomination.

It will also be a good window to put Azimio on the ground in Nairobi as they sort out Westlands nomination and focus on the big picture of winning seats in Nairobi including the governor’s job and getting big voting numbers for the Azimio presidential candidate.

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Nairobi could be a decider in this election and Azimio looks terrific in the Nairobi landscape. There are almost 2 million votes in Nairobi County and ODM can take three-quarters of those votes if they unite and do their work on the ground.

This little blip with Tim Wanyonyi and the Westlands nomination has been kind of holding things down and now it is going to be resolved by the voters. That is the way it should be.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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