Luo Political Class Unprepared to Compete in ODM

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Reactions by the Luo political class to Raila Odinga’s potential exit from the local political scene has been most funny.

Some have openly rejected such an eventuality. It is this group that has coined the narrative that Baba can serve both AUC and stay active in local politics at the same time.

The Luo political class are finding themselves totally unprepared to deal with the possibility that ODM leadership may pass to another leader – and worse – one not Luo.

The worst hit is the Central Nyanza group. Years of only politicking in funerals have left them totally unprepared to compete with their peers within the party.

But what has really left Luo leaders unprepared is their muted ambitions, owing to the silencing that goes on in the party, so that you are not accused of trying to build an alternative power base.

I do not think Luos have a problem being led in ODM by either Joho or Oparanya. Luos will naturally transition to the next leader of ODM so long as that transition is fair and not coercive.

Dikembe Disembe is a political researcher and writer

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