This is how Mudavadi gets 95% of Western Kenya, starting from Kakamega

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First of all, does William Ruto pay for these school buses he uses to ferry people to fill meetings for him like this crazy one in Kakamega, or do they just do the Didmus Baraza patented move of grabbing CDF vehicle and just turn it into a UDA car?

The bizarre thing is that Ruto and his team in Kakamega were boasting how Mudavadi and Wetangula will deliver 95% of the western vote and he was guaranteeing them their 30% piece of the government whatever that means.

What happens if the Mudavadi team delivers a lot of school buses from Ruto’s base or does William Ruto intend to send these people in buses to vote in Kakamega? They might need to talk to the IEBC about that.

Obviously, Ruto knows by now that his foray into western after grabbing Mudavadi’s ANC party is a complete flop, otherwise, he wouldn’t be sending tons of buses of people to go to Kakamega for his rally. Mudavadi also knows that fact and can see it live. So the 30% hoax is done with and now it is the pretend time.

Why does the Ruto team need to put up such a huge charade? At this stage, they understand they need votes from somewhere else and the strategy is to use the fake western crowds in Kakamega to tell the people in the Mt. Kenya region that look they already have a government with Mudavadi and ask them whether they want to be part of that government or stay out in the cold.

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The whole trickery here is to manipulate the Central voters that they need to be in government because right now that is Ruto’s only hope and it is getting very jittery for him there too. When it rains, it pours.

In Kakamega, the local folks saw there were more buses than people and the buses were from other parts of the country. What does that tell them? It is mutual. They know they are not part of Ruto’s equation to form a government just as UDA now knows this is a dead deal.

To be fair to Ruto we are dealing with a guy who decided to write his own Bible while doing an interview with NTV.

In an interview with NTV on Sunday, the DP quoted a Bible verse to explain how the disciples of Jesus asked Him what He has for them given that they had left what they were doing to earn a living to follow Him.

“In Mathew 17: 29, when the disciples of Jesus Christ were following Him, they asked Him; ‘we have left our families, we have le left our businesses. We used to be fishermen, we have come to follow you, what is in it for us?” Ruto stated.

The above Bible verse the DP quoted is non-existent. The book of Mathew 17 ends in verse 27.

The Bible message the DP quoted was from Mathew 19: 27 which says: “Peter answered him, “We have left everything to follow you. What then will be there be for Us”.

We are dealing with a guy who can turn himself into the Lord, Jesus Christ himself, and write his own Bible, quoting his own verses. And what is the essence of the misquoted piece of the Bible?

It is Ruto telling all those he has misled to follow him and who left their families, their business, and everything should be very happy that now they have only one thing to do and that is follow William (new Lord almighty) to the promised land. Wherever that may be, even if it is his farm in Sugoi. Just follow the Lord and be happy. How wonderful for these followers.

There something Ruto will have to learn. We live in a world today where lying to the public and inventing all sorts of stuff can be very hard. Information is collected everywhere by everybody and boom it is flashed into the media.

I was watching the just-released documentary on Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal that ended his presidency and it tells you everything you need to know between then and now in terms of information gathering.

President Nixon ordered an invasion of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) offices to rob the files and gather all the information on their strategies and plans to run against him in the next presidential election.

He wasn’t trying to kill anybody or anything like that. He was looking for information and got caught and that is when he started doing all sorts of stupid things to cover up. It is what got him thrown out of office.

Today you do not need to invade any politician’s office to gather information about them and their plans. It is all over the place. Look at those pictures of hundreds of buses in Kakamega.

You don’t need to invade Ruto’s office to know that he is fraudulently trying to manipulate himself as this big shot in Kenya when he actually has to carry people in buses to take them to rallies to have ” huge” crowds. That says a lot to Kenyans. It is what they need to know what kind of person they are dealing with.

So Mr. Fraud here is living in a world where technology and human ingenuity give Kenyans ready access to a lot of the machinations behind the scenes. It is a tough world out there William, isn’t it?

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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